Why Texas Has Ruined Country Music For Me

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I want to make something clear before I start writing this article. I am from Lynchburg, Virginia, which is a medium-sized, middle class town in the central, piedmont region of the state. Here, country music is a moderately big deal and has an average to below average following; a stark contrast to the rest of Virginia, and what I describe as the “wanna-be south.” This is why I believe that while I was growing up, country music was something that I would tolerate always, and celebrate occasionally.   

In good ol’ Lburg, there are probably two country radio stations, a classic/new alternative rock station, a national public radio station, and two new poppy “kissy” FM stations that play Christina Aguilera and Nickelback and cause an of average 3 or 4 suicides a year. There are others, but they come and go, so who really cares. In the grand scheme of things, country music is what I would describe as tepidly popular, but not annoying or over the top.

In January of this year I moved to Austin, Texas, after living for a year with my buddies from college in Northern Virginia (which is an entirely different article altogether). Now, Austin, as a whole, is an incredible city.  Smack dab in the middle of the most republican, close-minded, redneck state in the union, is the liberal oasis that I now call home (rarely do I venture north, south, east, or west, unless I’m on a  plane). There are a ton of bars, lots of live music, a dozen golf courses and countless outdoor activities within a half hour. The weather is gorgeous 11 months of the year and perfect for a lot of the things that I like to do. I have enjoyed the 8 months that I have lived here so far, and I can reasonably say that I will be here at least for a few more years.

A view of downtown Austin

A view of downtown Austin

The music and the bands that frequent the bars downtown and in the greater Austin area, is/are typically of a rock and roll genre, with hints of wherever that particular band is from. There is also a lot of progressive, folk, foreign, and other genres which I respectfully refer to as “look at me I’m a hippie and I listen to this,” music. I listen to a station in Austin that includes all of these, and I consider it to be the best station I have listened to. Ergo, the music here is good (another disclaimer of sorts).

There is however a genre of music that I have been exposed to here and, with conviction, I can say it is the most annoying music of all.  The “music” that I’m referring to is, you guessed it (or probably you didn’t), TEXAS COUNTRY.

My first reaction to this garbage was “why does it have to be Texas Country?” Everywhere else in the United States, just “country” is good enough. What if I was talking to someone and they asked me what my favorite music was and I said, “Well I enjoy jazz, but my real passion is Connecticut Country.”  Come on, that shit just sounds ridiculous.  Well, it’s not ridiculous in Texas.


The bands for the most part are from Texas, tour Texas (because it’s fuckin big enough), sing about Texas, and talk about Texas at their shows. They may also venture into Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, but rarely. They have tour buses, they have roadies and crews, they have all the same shit normal bands do. But they aren’t typical country music artists. They’re confusing because they dress like Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro, wearing their sandblasted jeans from Express for men and their gothic full fronted graphic tees from Hot Topic. A mix between Gavin Rossdale or Scott Stap and Toby Keith would be an appropriate description of the typical Texas country artist. They are distinctly reminiscent of what we used to call “posers” in middle school. 

"Look at us, we play country music but we're HIP, brah."

"Look at us, we play country music but we're totally HIP, brah."


Now, we all know that country music, while wildly popular in many areas, can be a little simple. Such themes as “drinking down by the river,” “riding shotgun,” and “her daddy on the porch with a shotgun,” are popular.  Also, metaphors like “as dry and warm as the Texas plains,” “deeper than the holler” (which I think is redneck for hollow, but who can tell), and “my windshields cracked, just like my heart” are mainstays. It’s more of the same with Texas country, but the difference is that’s all there really is. Just those types of lyrics, every song, all the time. Here’s a good example. This is a song by Wade Bowen, from Who the Hell Cares, Texas, near Lubbock. It’s called “God Bless this Town:”

You just thought that you knew about rumors man
But you ain’t ever lived in my town
Population 153
And it’s still goin down
What’s his name’s runnin’ around with Mary
Hell last I heard he’s already been married 3 times

I would estimate that 30% of Texas Country songs are about small towns just like the one so eloquently described here. Painful.

Wow, what a douche bag.

Wow, what a douche bag.


There is a place in Texas call Gruene, pronounced like the color green. Here, every weekend during the summer, throngs of people come to tube the Guadalupe River. This is an activity where you pay a company cash (no credit cards) to give you the inner tube of a semi tractor trailer tire, haul you down a rickety road in a bus that failed inspection in 1979, and dump you off at a spot on the river. You can take a cooler with beer, which may be the only saving grace of this bullshit of a Saturday. Then you get in the river, and you float on your tube, among a bunch of drunk people giving themselves alcohol poisoning and dehydrating in the 107 degree Texas sun.  And what, you ask, is blaring from every damn boombox on the river?  Texas Country. This is just one of several activities that are complimented by this shitty music.

Texas Country fans photographed in their natural habitat

Texas Country fans photographed in their natural habitat


Do not, I repeat do not, take a song that I have listened to and enjoyed my whole life, by an artist who is 50 times more successful than you, add some steel guitar and some idiot wearing a bandana, and play it on your tour.  An example is “Into the Mystic,” by Van Morrison, covered by Stoney Larue.  Do yourself a favor and DON’T check it out.

In closing I want to say, as I said before, I used to tolerate and even enjoy country music. There are some good songs, and some bad songs, some good and bad artists. But I will pretty much listen to anything. I think that my issue with Texas Country is the arrogance involved in it. Some people really think that this is the best music available. And there are a lot of people like that living right here in Austin. Now I can’t even listen to regular country music, which is the point of the article, and I’m bitter. If I hear one more person say, “I’ll listen to anything, as long as it’s Texas Country, and as long as it’s loud!” I am just going to snap.


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  1. What a great first post, dude. Welcome to the team!

    • I agree and add a memo to all Texas pussies (that’s all y’all btw):
      Go drink a “codebeer” and milk your wives you line dancing cowhick imbeciles, but dont forget your prototypical hipster cowboy costume u village people looking douche bags. Those skin-tight wranglers y’all love to wear must be cutting off the blood flow to your texas size brains, right? you pansy ass, emasculated TX meth heads.

      • Dudechilllol

        Your comment makes you look like an ass. I could only imagine why you would have so much hate for the great state. Girl cheated on you with a real man (from Texas obviously)? Your dick is small so you take it out on Texas?

      • Sounds like your girl left you for a Texan

  2. To emulate a 1960s-era LSD acid trip play “Texas Country” music sung in Spanish at 78 rpm.

    Just beware of the flashbacks after doing so.

  3. Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a fan of country music written after about 1985 and not into Texas country at all.

    I think you need to realize a few things to understand why Texas country music is the way it is. Did you notice when you moved to Texas that the Texas flag, lone star and state slogan is EVERYWHERE? Look at your Budweiser beer bottle…shape of the state of Texas with a lone star in it right there on the bottle. Ever had a drink of Ziegen Bock beer? It’s only brewed and sold in Texas. Ever heard of the King Ranch? I’m sure you’ve seen the logo, it’s that funky looking W. Did you know there is a Ford “King Ranch” truck manufactured for Texans? I think you get the point of what I’m saying (I hope so).

    Texans are fiercely proud of their state. The slogan, “It’s like a whole other country,” is very true and Texans are proud of this! We have Texas barbecue, Texas beers and, yes, Texas music. Texas country music fits so well into the, dare I say, “culture” of Texas because Texans are proud to know that there is a musical genre uniquely their own. It may not be the best country music, but Texans look beyond the fact that it’s crap and see only the label. It’s from Texas, it MUST be good!

    So don’t slight the Texan country music fans too much. They’re blinded by their pride and loyalty to what they know. That Texas is the center of the universe and San Antonio is the birthplace of everything! Austin ain’t so bad either, even if it does have that crappy university right in the middle of it.

    Enjoy your oasis of liberalism, ’cause their ain’t much of it here in this state!

  4. @ Fred,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I have experienced everything you talk about. That flag is everywhere, and while I don’t agree with it, and am obviously not used to it being from VA, I do respect it. I think it’s nuts that every Budweiser bottle has the state outline on it. I enjoy Ziegenbock, though I like Lonestar better. The king ranch truck is ridiculous. Please agree with me on that.

    Texas BBQ is the best food category that exists, in my opinion. And for some reason the sushi is excellent in Austin also.

    The point of the article was not to “slight” Texas music fans. But to evoke defense of their beloved genre, in the hopes that it actually has some substance.

    I appreciate your comment being among the first, and hope there are many angry Texans in line behind you.

    Have a good day man.

    • The king ranch truck is named after the most famous ranch around here in Kingsville Texas, and cost by far more than any other “luxury” truck.
      Texas country, is not about only those things. As a matter of fact te shit they place everywhere else isn’t even country. Your “country” is pop. When’s the last time you heard a steel or a Fidel in a Jason Aldean song? When did country start rapping?
      Listen to a more wide variety of Texas country. Not just a few songs.
      Casey Donahew.
      Randy Rodgers.
      Bart crow
      I could go on and on. But don’t come to Texas and complain about OUR music.

  5. Your blog in a nutshell: I moved to this great place with lots of great music covering multiple styles. Because I am incapable of celebrating living in such a musically diverse city and state, I will whine about the one style that I dislike.

    If you don’t like “Texas Country”, then don’t listen to it. Check out more of the local scene in Austin. Matt the Electrician is great, especially when he plays with Southpaw Jones. Davíd Garza is also fun. I don’t keep track these days, so it’s hard to know if he’s still trendy or not, but Bob Schneider is one hell of a performer. If you like older country music, you really ought to give Adam Carroll (who’s not old, but sounds like he is) a listen, too. There are more performers in every style and genre you can think of and many you’d never guess at. No one likes them all, but that’s the point.

    Also, tubing rocks.

    Yours truly,
    One Angry Texan

  6. Thank you for the overly specific list of recent shows you saw.

    Readers, see the “look at me I’m a hippie and I listen to this” reference in the body of the Blog.

    Also, are you Matt the Electrician?

    Still thanks for the comment.

  7. “Thank you for the overly specific list of recent shows you saw.”

    Actually, I haven’t been to any recent shows in Austin since I moved away about one year ago. I did live there for nearly three decades, though.

    “Readers, see the “look at me I’m a hippie and I listen to this” reference in the body of the Blog.”

    No one who knows me would ever describe me as a hippie.

    Also, are you Matt the Electrician?

    I am not Matt the Electrician nor any other musician, performer, entertainer. I’m just your friendly neighborhood reader commenting on your blog. Why not put your money where your mouth is and tell us all some Texas/Austin artists you like.

    Glad to comment and thanks for the distraction from more serious work.


  8. I think you’re missing the point of the article…

    I used to like country music, now I don’t. “Texas Country” has made me look at it in a different way.

    It is just a descriptive passage on something that has changed my outlook on something else.

    And, as you put, not everyone may like it (meaning my opinion), but that’s the point.

    Perhaps, I should have been more clear on the rough thesis of the piece.

    And for the record, I like Leah Zeger alot. I also think Ethan Azarian is cool.

  9. Laughing & Proud

    Howdy Friend:

    First, your dry humor and clearly defiant mood makes me laugh. I find myself going off on tangents in much the same way so can identify…it cracks me up.

    On to defending:

    Your first comment guy was correct, we Texans LOVE Texas Country if only because it is ‘True to Texas’ —uniquely ours.

    BUT–the music is actually amazing, and now I am (ironically) living in D.C. /NOVA and miss it terribly…thank goodness there are hordes of other Texans around here with a great selection on itunes. Our parties often make us homesick.

    Country music these days is too poppy and hollywood– probably causing on average of 4-5 suicides per year actually. One of my friends explained it well when saying, “Country music these days is pretty much written for all of those 40 something year old women with husbands they don’t like anymore who have pretty much given up on being romantic. It’s what sells, these women have nothing else to do all day but listen to these songs and dream of a fictitious prince charming who will come save them from their dull and boring life.

    It’s true. Turn on a normal country music station and you can just picture some woman driving soccer mom carpool wishing…

    TEXAS Country on the other hand is about small towns, texas sunshine (which happens to be prettier, brighter, and hotter than anywhere else), drinking beer, roadtrips, adventures etc. It’s not fake sappy annoying love songs, there’s a rawness to it that nashville hasn’t sucked out.

    Robert Earl King…classic:
    This old porch is a big ol’ red and white Herford bull
    Standin’ under a mesquite tree in Agua Dulce, Texas
    He keeps on playin’ hide and seek with that hot august sun
    Sweatin’ and a pantin’ cause his work is never done
    Oh no, with those cows and a red top cane
    the rest of the lyrcis: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/keen-robert-earl/front-porch-song-11823.html
    (This won’t work for those 40yr old women…)

    Pat Green “Who’s to Say”
    I don’t wear my shirt tucked in
    I like a little barbecue on Sunday
    Well, I hang with a rougher crowd
    Who drink too much, who talk too loud
    Don’t you know that it’s all right with me
    Yeah, I don’t go to church too much, but I know that Jesus truly loves me
    And if he was here I’d be drinking beer and
    Hanging out and saving all of my friends, Amen

    —By the way…have you ever listened to any Ray Wylie Hubbard? Coolest music ever, it’s less Texas country-ish so you should give it a chance…

    Listen to “cooler then hell” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxM4TEzBHsU

    • Man I’d love to reply to each of these in turn if I could… but just so you know the difference between songwriting and cheerleading, Robert Earl Keen falls under the former and Pat Green the latter. PG is just a REK imitator and fails miserably at that with his pathetic songs, and it has only gotten worse from there. REK would never have tried to call this stuff “Texas Country”. Who is the genius who came up with that idea anyway? They must see opportunity everywhere. “Hey, we can call this ‘country’, AND, we’re in TEXAS!”. It was probably Pat Green.

      I’m proud to live in Texas, but my sorrow is as real as my pride, too.

  10. Oh…and, Texas country does have some love songs, but they’re more real than sappy…they’re beautiful!!

    “Let your hair down, wear something pretty, don’t you know, how you make us both look good. Call your momma, tell her we’re going out tonight, gonna be late, hell we might not make it back at all.”
    or “Crazy”
    “Saw you early this morning, sleeping all dressed in white, for a moment I thought you were an angel, come to take me home alive. You woke up and you caught me staring, smiled and said, hey cut it out. You said that I must be crazy, I said crazy about you and I kissed you on your mouth…”

    Ok, I’m done

  11. VA is glad to get rid of yer kind!

  12. Woo hoo 6th Street! It’s my favorite part of Austin, and the only reason I like it?

    I live about 45 min north of ya. I was never a fan of country but I totally feel ya on the Texas being everywhere. You know the Ford commercials that say “Ford is the best in Texas!”? I don’t even remember what Ford commercials are outside of TX anymore.

    I am, too, an immigrant from the Northern region (PA). I have a friend who was born and raised in TX who calls everything north of TX “Canada”. So, according to him, we’re Canadians. Have ya tried Shiner yet?

    Also – if you haven’t been, go to San Antonio!! It really feels like you’re in a different state! Houston is fabulous too. I like both of those cities better than Austin, personally. Welcome to TX!

  13. What does that mean braheem?

  14. @ Abby

    Haha, yea it’s crazy down here.

    Austin is awesome though, make no mistake.

  15. I am a DJ for a country club and from my point of view the singers of Texas (red dirt)country can’t carry a note. I’ve heard people sing karaoke better than most Texas (red dirt)country singers sing. I don’t DJ any of it cause people just don’t dance to it.

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  17. hey y’all.
    okay while i understand the point of this article…
    i just wanted to say a few things.

    as y’all might’ve guessed,
    i was born and raised in texas.
    born and raised in brownsville-yes referenced in a song by kris kristofferson….
    and now am living in san antonio for college.

    while i love those pictures you placed up of those young men with the cowboy hats…

    the reason a lot of younger people listen to texas country is because country from nashville is becoming too mainstream. in other words, the country artists that i’ve loved for a long time now have been making music to make their record labels happy.

    texas country aims to make the people happy. i don’t know what you’ve been listening to but maybe one day you should come visit san antonio, listen to the bands i’ve been listening to. way better than austin! haha.

    sometimes when i’m in austin, i feel like it’s all about rap music or techno. i personally can’t stand either of those….is that the kind of music you like??

    good luck on your quest to find music you do like in austin….all i know is that a lot of new texas country is emerging. so get ready for the wave…

    “wave on wave”—pat green<3.

  18. ok, virginia hippie, you say you hate country music now that you have been in texas for a while, so what country artists and acts did you like before your move to austin, since you claim you only “tolerated” country? I cant imagine that you “tolerated” the genre much if listening to some new bands that you dislike and dealinig with d-bag fans made you not want to tolerate the genre anymore. so, where’s the story now?

    While i defend and enjoy a large amount texas music, i am also critical of much of it as “the scene” has become a mini-mainstream. much of it is slickly produced, overpolished wannabe classic rock, and gets labeled “red dirt”, cuz its from Texas, and I hate that, more than even ignorant transplants such as yourself.

    Go ahead and generalize the entire state and this certain brand of music (its funny to hear a hillbilly from virginia call texans rednecks), but know that you are doing just that, generalizing, which makes much of your overly-wordy post toothless. Also, if you were to bother, you would find a ton of bands that reside in texas that are country or folk that happen to despise the term “texas country” or especially, “red dirt”. you wouldnt know that since it wouldnt help you further ignorant, lame and vague stereotypes. a good number of drunk, and yes, redneck frat boys singin’ along to kevin fowler represent only one portion of the fan base here in texas. of course, the complexity of the scene and the crowds would also make your post more difficult to write, so you leave that out as well.

    So, good luck with the whole “hearing bad bands from a certain regional-genre will make me hate that entire genre, regardless of whether I really liked that genre to begin with” thing.

  19. @krd1992

    Thanks for the overly-wordy comment to an overly-wordy post.

    You Texans get so damn upset when someone questions your precious country music. I’m actually glad you came to clarify the Texas Country scene. You gave us a lot of good, new information. Just remember, it’s the internet, dude. No need to take things so personally…

    Your post ruled, jmuintx, no matter what the rednecks from Texas say. Now pass me the ‘shine, fellow hillbilly from Virginia.

  20. Man, Jmu – this post has caused some serious hatemail! Lol 🙂 You better take it back and tell everyone how much you LOOOVE Texas Country. Or else you’re gonna get beat up by some cowboys. 4.real.

  21. @ krd,

    Congratulations on being the most offended person yet.

    In defense of myself, I will say that I was not generalizing the entire state, just this very small-minded group of musicians. I’m pretty sure that if i wanted, I could put a little rasp in my voice, strap on the old bandana, and head out to Nutty Brown every Friday night, strum the same three chords, and croon my heart out at a bunch of drunk sorority girls.

    As it were, I enjoy quite a few bands in the local Austin scene, that are in no way affiliated with people like Brandon Ryder and Stoney Larue. I think Guy Forsythe might be my favorite, if you must know.

    As far as you calling me an ignorant hillbilly, since you made it clear that you aren’t a d-bag fan, I guess it will suffice to say that you are just a d-bag.

    Have a nice day, and stop by anytime.

  22. Disclaimer: Overly-Wordy Post –

    Unfortunately, you still are avoiding the question of whether its that big of a deal that you now “despise” country music, given that you only “tolerated” the genre before your move.

    What made me “mad” (not really, but whatever) was that you provided lyrics to one song by wade bowen and then made comments to suggest that “most” songs are similar to that, and used the same old and tired examples that people use to indict country music as a whole, and not just “texas country”. My point being, you made general gripes without being insightful or original. Being a transplant from the north, your gripes are akin to a republican saying that they hate watching the news because “all media is liberal”.

    Also, I didnt really take it personally, i just disagree with your generic and overall assesment of the texas music scene. also, i agree that there are too many “posers” and I despise them as much as you clearly do. The posts of yourself and Bowzer disagree with my first post, so should I assume you took my stance personally? You are probably not an ignorant hillbilly, just like I am not a redneck d-bag.

    BTW, I still watch saved by the bell from time to time…

  23. @ krd,

    Ok, It is a big deal, b/c while a lot of country music that isn’t “texas country” sucks (namely songs like “celebrity” and pretty much anything by toby keith), texas country fans make texas country out to be the end all be all of music…

    There is a lot of older country music that I like, by artists like Clint Black and Garth Brooks, as cliche as those may be. The new generation of artists though, is pretty bad.

    I am a proponent of the idea that all music is good, b/c it’s all about what you like, and who cares what anyone else thinks. But the exception to this, in my opinion, is the “red dirt” style of texas country, b/c it really does blow goat balls. And so do all of it’s fans.

    Austin, as a musically adept city, could be the exception to all of this redneckery, as it has a much more diverse music scene than any other city in TX, OK, MO, KS, etc. For that, I am thankful to live here. I can be assured that on any given night I can find some bar that will be featuring a jazz or folk artist that I really enjoy.

    Is this whole thing that important to me on a personal level? Probably not, as I am inclined to not hang out with the douchebag posers that we both seem to dislike. It’s not like I have to deal with my friends enjoying this music to the point where it would affect me detrimentally.

    Hope this at least answers a few of your questions. If it doesn’t, then you’ll just have to wonder what the hell I’m talking about and leave it at that. Why? you ask? B/c it’s my post.

    For the record, Virginia is not the north.

    Have a good one ’92.

    • @ jmuintx It doesn’t sound like you’ve been exposed to much of what reasonable folks would call “country” music. Of course all you’re gonna get from radio/tv is pop country which is labeled “country” but it isn’t country at all.
      If you want a real idea of what country music is, listen to Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin… if you’re trying to make a comment on country music, it would be more informed by referencing artists like this as opposed to those in the spotlight like Toby Keith (vrrrrrpppt) and Rascall Flatts (brrrrffffff).

  24. Thank god krd1992 and jmuintx avoided coming to blows over this whole thing. Now we can get back to what’s really important: making people laugh and discussing the most effective ways to bang chicks.

  25. Omg.. *yawn* seriously.

  26. Uh oh Bowz,

    Abby’s bored. Maybe we should write a piece about food that smells like popcorn or something like that…

  27. Jmu –

    I was yawning because this drama has been dragged out faaar too long! Haha. I’m sorry, but if you have nothing better to do than argue the awesomeness of Texas Country…. well then, you should find something better to do… Like.. nothing!

  28. Jmuintx- cool enough, done deal. I have enjoyed some of your other posts while i have been “waging this battle”.

    i think if you travel around the state ( i happen to live in dallas), you’ll find the other larger cities in the state to be almost as musically diverse as austin, thank goodness. if you ever have to drive north (you know, where virginia is), give the dallas music listings a look and i bet you’ll see the variety that you understandably prefer,

    Abby: sorry that your version of “dragged-out drama” is a couple of comments that consist of actual discourse on a topic where the two commenters clearly have strong opinions…go take another picture of yourself and twitter about it or something…

  29. @ krd1992, jmuintx, Bowzer, Abby, et al.

    No more name-calling! It sounds like the god damn Constitutional Convention in here…

  30. Lol. It’s just too many words. My brain can’t process this all!

    @PUYD – It’s all in fun. At least the ones from me are. I don’t speak for the rest of ya’ll.

  31. the reason the texas country bands sound so raspy and arent PERFECTION is because 10 people dont spend hours in the studio trying to make it sound perfect
    ITS REAL and thats refreshing compared to Nashville and i dont understand you calling Wade Bowen a douche?? are we reverting back to the eighth grade…

  32. First off, Texas is divided into two places. TExas and Austin. WE say this because Austin is where we keep the faggots, every states got them, but we just like to keep them contained. Secondly, the day you described in Gruene sounds utterly perfect, except you forgot to mention eating at the Grismill and then enjoying a concert at Gruene Hall (oldest dance hall in Texas). Thirdly, do you like Obama? That’s what i thought..

  33. Dude, don’t be such an ignorant chump. Open a book once in a while. I know there aren’t many around in Jasper, Texas or whatever other bumfuck town you live in.

    Also, what does my political affiliation have to do with anything? Just because I don’t watch Fox news and make out with my sister doesn’t make you better than me.

  34. Another Angry Texan

    I agree with Angry Texan #1, if you dont like it dont listen to it. But Texas Country is true Country, and country is true music. It tells a true meaningful story in a way everyone can understand and it does it in a downhome southern at-home sorta way.

    Oh and one more thing if you dont like Texas, I-35 runs both ways…

    • Some would say it’s okay for musicians to function as cheerleaders in Texas. I say that’s a lie. Texas country is not country music. Not even close. Kinda close to half-hearted 70’s rock with lyrics so terrible it’ll make you pray for armageddon that anyone could listen to it. MAKE IT STOP oh Lord.

  35. “But Texas Country is true Country, and country is true music.”

    WTF? Is that some kind of hill billy word logic puzzle?

    “Oh and one more thing if you dont like Texas, I-35 runs both ways…”

    I like Texas, just not Texas country.

    • Country music IS real music, when it’s done right, and not for the pursuit of appealing to the masses for that $$$ and settling into the appalling trenches of mediocrity. The thing about “Texas country” that seems to unify everything is that there is a real “us vs. them” attitude to it, even if it is marketing in some (maybe many cases), but please don’t let a few bad apples ruin your take on country music from Texas (I, too, am fucking sick and tired of the “Texas country” label). For every Josh Abbott or Cross Canadian Ragweed (who aren’t even originally from Texas) there are some really great artists with a very high level of craftsmanship playing great, soulful music that is above the surface-level beer, babes n’ boogie concerns of most of what’s popularized as “Texas country.” Check out some Mike Ethan Messick, some Jordan Minor, Matt Harlan, Javi Garcia or Mark Allan Atwood for starters. By the way: you might also want to look into the source material that some of the posers in the scene claim to be influenced by, people like the old-school outlaws Jerry Jeff, Guy Clark and the great Townes Van Zandt, all of whom made timeless records and wrote (and in the case of the first two still are playing and writing) great, masterful songs.

      • amen… ja and ccr are consumer music which actual music fans aptly reject. Dale Watson does not disappoint, though. Scott H. Biram is a sure thing too.

  36. Lol, I love this post! Everything you said about the current state of Texas Country is exactly what I’ve been thinking for years.

    Texas country’s roots are supposed to lie in the Outlaw country movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Texan artists such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and David Allan Coe retreated from the Nashville Country Music scene to Austin, Luckenbach, and Dallas. This “Outlaw Mentality” is what the movement was supposed to be about, not posers trying to claim their outlaws.

    Rap artists in Texas did the same thing; they make literally hundreds of thousands of dollars being independent and touring for a loyal fan base. Texas has always had this independent way of making money.

    As for the term “Texas Country”, its just easier to market than “Americana” or “Outlaw”…It’s all about the mighty dollar and it’s easier to blanket everything coming out of Texas as Texas Country even if it is garbage.

    But i do think that coming from another market, you probably have never been exposed to the Outlaw Movement and therefore think Clint Black and George Strait were the only Original Gangstaz lol. I hope you’ll learn a little about this movement as its roots stem from the very great city you currently reside in. It will make your experience in Austin a lot less confusing.

  37. Man you have a totally wrong idea of texas country. It’s only a mix of a little rock and real country music unlike all the bullshit you hear on the radio. The pop sountry that only talks about money fame and girls. Go listen to some brandon rhyder, aaron watson, randy rogers, or wade bowen. Our music is a way of showing how proud we are of our culture and heritage so if you have a problem with it say that shit to one of us in a music hall and we’ll shove a boot in your ass!!!

    • You are a musically illiterate imbecile, pissed texan and you unknowingly supported the authors claim…in your cornhole feces covered boots. Texas country music is a pathetic joke as is Austin and the rest of the state, and it always has been. Texans live in this fantasy that TX is full of great music, ideas, “outlaws”, etc. pffft, ya. Crappy pop country garbage for a bunch of sundried brains, too dumb to get it, go figure.

  38. You, sir, are the very reason that it is so hilarious to make fun of Texas Country. Yeeeeeehaw!

    Btw, Wade Bowen sucks, as I said in my article. Maybe make sure you’re not recommending the same thing that I’m condemning.

  39. Fuck you. You piece of Virginian Shit.

    Im a damn proud Texan. Born and fucking raised in a little town miles outside Houston, Texas (Host of the Biggest, Greatest, and best Rodeo) Your not from Texas and will never be a Texan.

    • Oh, @Texan
      …and judging by your brilliant insight and commentary, you obviously are a “true Texan” you arrogant, brain-dead POS. Go drink a “codebeer” and milk your wife you line dancing cowhick imbecile, but dont forget your cowboy costume u village people looking douche bag. Those skin-tight wranglers must be cutting off the blood flow to your texas size brain.

  40. You’re right. I never said I wanted to be a Texan Thanks for capitalizing Virginian and Shit.

    I went to the Rodeo in Houston last year. The best part was when your mom was out there roping and riding. YEEEEEHAWWW!!!!

  41. Mr. Jmuintx

    Fuck you! PYAAA
    Were im from we hang pieces of shit like you. You ever heard of Jasper drag racing?? A fine art we Texans love to engage in. I hope you get the chance to come to my town and par-take in this little “event”. No im not from Jasper, but I respect those guys. Suck my texan cock.



  43. Well I just moved to Austin….and I would have to agree with Jmuintx. Texas does indeed suck balls and it’s full of fucking ignorant fucks. Fuck country music.

  44. Angry Texan # 2


    if you dont like texas country, dont listen to it, and if you dont like texas, get the hell out. no one asked you to come here, and i guarantee no one will miss you when you leave.

    btw, there is no conneticut country for lots of reasons. #1, it aint right. b, conneticut has no music to be proud of, thats why you have no radio stations, and 3, fuck with texas, and it we’ll kick your ass.

    Texas country IS about ONLY one subject, and it is NOT that which you speak of. it is ALL ABOUT TEXAS!!!

  45. Haha, keep it coming rednecks! 2 years and running!

  46. texas country music fan

    Perhaps your not giving it a good enough chance. i didnt much care for a lot of texas country at first either, and still dont care for a great deal of it. but i have found lots of bands that i really enjoy. i dont see how you could have ever listened to country and not like atleast like SOME texas country…

    and the state flag being everywhere is all about pride. we take alot of pride in our state. (which im sure you have learned by now). stick around a few more years and you will probably find yourself harvesting the same pride as a native texan.

    fyi, lots of people/groups have moved here to be classified as texas country. some groups who have been playing the same music with the same people in another state for years, came to texas, and produced it as texas country. i would say texas country is more of a style of music than a culture. and as with every other genre out there, you do have lots of posers.

    and lonestar is very good beer, but i would have to say ziegenbock is better.

  47. texas country music fan

    and if you like austin, you should check out fredericksburg… LOTS AND LOTS of beer

  48. Thanks TCMF. I have found, over the past few years living here, that there are quite a few Texas bands that I enjoy.

    I would say that the negative comments in my article are mostly geared toward the “posers.”

    It’s funny that you mention Fredericksburg, because I just came back from a weekend there with my girlfriend for her birthday, and it was pretty awesome. We stayed in a great B&B. Fredericksburg brewery has a really nice pale ale, and we visited some of the wineries in the area, which were a lot of fun. Also, German food rocks, and they do it pretty well there.

    Have a good one.

  49. BTW, thanks for not being a hostile, stereotypical redneck.

  50. texas country music fan

    I just got back fredericksburg too man! we went down there for three days to hang out, stayed in angels above the creek lodge. ( looked AWESOME on the website, SUCKED altogether).

    i tried the brewery, there wasnt much i liked. i asked the guy to trade me the sample platter of beers for one coors light. pretty stupid….

    BTW, thanks for not being a hostile, stereotypical redneck.

    part of the texans creed is hospitality, TRUE texans will tell you that…..

  51. texas country music fan

    oh ya, im not a huge fan of german food, but i like the sausage and potatoes and soup. but fredericksburg is THE place for german food, i definately agree on that one.

  52. Your blog made me smile and laugh and only take more pride in the genre of music I deem best! Not all of “Texas Country” (also referred to as Red Dirt Music) is performed by Texans, we have other notable states included in this genre. I’m glad you’re enjoying Austin and the other eclectic sounds of musical notes, but remember most of those musicians also appreciate the musical talent that exists amongst all genres rooted in Texas. These are true musicians–not some “hokie” country artist who can neither write music nor play an instrument. These musicians do it all! Perhaps a bit of respect is deserved to those surrounding you both in Austin and to the North, South, East, & West of you.

  53. Now y’all–don’t give her more of a reason to hate on Texas music with such a negative response. We can take constructive criticism better than that! Let Rita dish her some instead! ;o)

  54. gig em aggies [>

    thats pretty harsh man.
    there aint nothin wrong with roger creager robert earl keen,granger smith,david allan coe,and kevin fowler thats bout all that plays in college station cause of college even though i aint frm there im from a town south of houson.its funny they dont play much texas country at all down there.

  55. your virginian ass is lucky we let you into this state, you ungrateful piece of shit, nobody gives a shit about your yankee ass state or your yankee ass…nor does anybody give a shit about your yankee ass opinion, you now live in the greatest state in the world and your talkin crap about it….and furthermore…..you havent been here long enough to understand and nobody expects you to, or cares. nashville country is straight from hell and so are you and your people, so take your ignorant yankee ass back to yankeeville, and if you got a problem bring you and all your stupid ass virginians down here to get your asses beat

  56. Virginia’s south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Read a fuckin book Wesley.

  57. looks like someones runnin out of cutdowns…thats what i’d say too if i was from virginia, its a good way to help you live with yourself

  58. and just cause your state happens to be located where it is doesn’t make it any less of a pussy ass yankee state that has nothing but pussy ass nashville country

  59. now all bull shit and crap talk aside….are you telling me that over the 2 years this has been goin on you havent come to like some of these bands??? stoney larue? blue edmonson? brandon jenkins? aaron watson? randy rogers? rich otoole? roger creager? josh abbott? kyle park? and do you still hate wade bowen????? c’mon man

  60. Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.

    • threaten to drag someone behind a speeding truck and them ask them again if they’re sure they don’t like texas country. Classy, indeed! Un-Texan-like, un-southernly, un-gentlemanly. Shame on that swine.

  61. which tx country bands do you enjoy?

    I knew that the Brauns (reckless kelly and mickey and the motorcars) were from idaho, but i didnt know that there is only one native texan in reckless kelly…. they are one of my most fav bands…

  62. Finally someone who speaks out against this goat ropin hayseed bullshit Texas country music scene. It will run it’s little course and become nonexistent once again!!! It is really insulting to the godfathers of real country music Hank..Merle…Waylon etc.. I guess if you can’t play an instrument that well you have to start somewhere ! Garage trash band = Texas country music !!!!!!!

  63. Ha ha ha! Found this refreshingly insightful (or inciteful) 🙂 And from some of us that really live and love the Texas culture–let me just throw in Doug Sahm and the Texas Tornados (now Shawn Sahm and the Texas Tornados) AND Shawn Sahm and the Tex-Mex Experience.

    I think I only know two Virginians–one was on TV a long, long time ago and now lives in Houston Texas– the other is a singer/songwriter and loves to come to Texas to play and write songs with Texas Country singer/songwriters.

    Extremely nice guys both.

  64. I am a native born Texan and have no problems admitting that Texas (Red Dirt) Country sucks. It is for the most part a bunch of talentless hacks who don’t play instruments or sing very well. They complain about Nashville and lament about how Kenny Chesney has ruined country music and profess they want nothing to do with it. The truth is Nashville wants nothing to do with them because they aren’t any good. Fortunately the scene appears to be dying a natural death.

  65. I can understand how you are feeling, I moved to Texas (New Braunfels, home of Gruene) about 3 years ago, and I agree with you on some of the things you said, But it seems you are confusing some of the genres, Stoney Larue (who you mistakenly cited as doing “into the mystic” was actually Mike McClure ) is “RED DIRT” this particular genre originated in Oklahoma and Woody Guthrie is known as the Godfather of Red Dirt, Other notable Red Dirt artist include , The Stragglers, Cross Canadian, Kevin Welch, The Great Divide, etc…. the thing that irritates me is that Texas has latched on to these Red Dirt Bands and now calls them “Texas Country”. I can say that some of the Texas Country Bands do suck, but there are some good bands out there. I hope you enjoy Texas as much as I do. Thanks for your entertaining article.

    • another incredible disservice is to mention Woody Guthrie in the same breath as any of those bands, especially cross canadian. Bob Dylan idolized Woody. The irony is that the bands you defend for being latched on to are being latched to Woody just because they’re from “red dirt” territory.

      • Daniel,
        You need to do a little research before you start spouting off shit you obviously know nothing about.
        Read the history of Red Dirt music, then come back and comment.

      • Dear Tom,

        Do a little research, yourself, and find:

        1. stoney DID in fact do “Into the Mystic”.
        2. godfather of red dirt = Bob Childers, not Woody Guthrie.

        not that I care about any of that, but I do like making hypocrites look like morons. thanks for the laugh. I owe ya one 😉

      • My bad, it is true, the great Bob Childers is the Godfather of Reddirt.
        Stoney NEVER recorded into the mystic, Mike McClure did.
        You speak of class in your previous post, and then proceed to call me a moron!
        Fuck you , you megalomaniacle douchebag!
        Go back to the shithole you call Virginia, what has that crappy little state ever contributed to the music world?
        And besides, I would beat your narrow little ass like the dinner bell on the Ponderosa! Later Bitch.

      • JMTX and Daniel , both of you are douchebags, JMTX, tell me what contributions Virginia has made to music???? Was it incorporating a jug into an instrument? LOL!! Virginia sucks and so does this pole smoking Daniel Fag!!!
        I cant believe you two butt fags have time to comment on this crappy thread, isnt it the time of the year when you should be re-arranging the tires on the roof of your trailers??? Go eat shit and die!
        I would stomp a mudhole in Bowser.

      • JMTX?
        Dave Mathews….really, I would not claim that crappy monotone piece of shit, besides, I believe he is actually from South Africa.
        At any rate, Virginia is a shithole, I have been there several times, I am always glad to leave that place, You could put the whole state together and still be hard pressed to come up with a full set of teeth.
        I am not from Texas, but I sure do love it here, If you hate it so badly go back to your shithole. Your writing dulls my senses and I feel dumber for even having conversed with you. As I said before eat shit and die.

  66. I like finding the obscure stations when in tx. Some of the music red dirt, texas music or what ever is not too good but even the not so good beats rascal flats(back street boys of country). I don’t live in texas but what did you expect moving down there? Austin is the most Liberal area rest of TX is fairly conservative. I know when I went to school midwest to north a bit people are not as friendly, food is bland. In school the people in class that were the most argumentative often were from NE part of the country. That “its a jersey thing” is just as bad as the redneck arrogance . I saw Roger Creager play at Gruene on a spur of the moment on a business trip by myself and it was a great show. So what do you think of Hank III?

    • Even though you didn’t ask me, Hank III totally slays. Ever listened to Bob Wayne? Definitely check out Blood to Dust album by him. He’s toured with III six times and wrote and sang with Hank III the song “Workin’ Man” on the Damn Right Rebel Proudm album.

  67. First of all, thanks for your post. Most of what you said reflects my own shame, as a Texan, with this phenomena of garbage the has spread throughout Texas like the plague. It reminds me of Nashville pop country in the most detestable ways- namely in the fact that these “musicians” or “artists” are indeed but cheerleaders who appeal to the consumer by throwing out the lowest, cheapest common denominators (small towns, Texas, beer, etc.) I stress that these are cheerleaders and not musicians and I’m very ashamed that more people don’t recognize it for what it is. What’s worse is that they invoke the names and heritage of true great heroes in Texas and latch on to them like leeches. Townes Van Zandt and Waylon Jennings are true country legends and I hope you’ll give them a chance before you turn your back on country music altogether. Giving up on country music in general because of disposable trash like “Texas Country” is such a waste and a shame, and a towering disservice to yourself and to good music in general. But thanks for the keen, observant comment on something I wish more people could see. We grow a lot of crops in Texas but not a lot of IQ’s.

  68. Man I’d love to reply to each of these in turn if I could… but just so you know the difference between songwriting and cheerleading, Robert Earl Keen falls under the former and Pat Green the latter. PG is just a REK imitator and fails miserably at that with his pathetic songs, and it has only gotten worse from there. REK would never have tried to call this stuff “Texas Country”. Who is the genius who came up with that idea anyway? They must see opportunity everywhere. “Hey, we can call this ‘country’, AND, we’re in TEXAS!”. It was probably Pat Green.

    I’m proud to live in Texas, but my sorrow is as real as my pride, too.

  69. people want to argue about country music. country music is dead. its being stabed trampled on, the only place to hear country music is to listen to a radio station hardly no one listens to except people who truly those old songs i say old songs because this 1970s and 80s rock and roll sound . thats not country . just because country people like it dont make it country. its alright to love rock and roll and its allright to call it texas rock. texas if thats where u live its no diffrent and thers country music in every state if your original and its country then its where ever your from. the name says it all (country ) its a s big as the world

  70. i did like most of the things you said your not from texas but i see you made it here ok austin is not texas just because it happen to be here thaks for your time and if i didnt like texas id leave hope you dont.

  71. I’ve lived in Texas for a while now and have been listening to country even before that. Never ONCE have I heard the term “Texas Country.” This is news to me. However, the way you described it, it does sound generic and obnoxious. As much as I love my fellow Texans (specifically the boys), I must admit they aren’t any better than Alabama boys or Georgia boys. In fact, my favorite artists are all from Virginia and Georgia. I wouldn’t let a couple of bad artists ruin country for you. I strongly believe that country is the best genre out there if you’re into chillin’ out with a cold beer in your hand, celebrating family, and working hard to make an honest living. Also, don’t let those same shitty “musicians” ruin Texas for you. I think that Texas is truly one of the best states in the country. There’s such a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy that not all states have the privilege of saying so. I hope you start listening to country again and I hope you enjoy Austin!! even though this is from like 2 or 3 years ago. haha

  72. Hey Tom Coleman. Fuck you. I’m the one from Virginia. I don’t know this Daniel Payne guy. Even though he spent the better part of half a day commenting on my story. I wrote this article. Stoney Larue did do Into the Mystic, he sucked, and it pissed me off. Virginia is arguably the greatest state in American history, certainly having more impact on the country than this bullshit hick state. Say what you want about Texas Country, or not Texas country, or red dirt country. All you uneducated, non-working, staying up til 3 in the morning commenting on blogs from three years ago losers make me sick. Say one more goddamn thing about Virginia, and me and Bowzer will fuck you up.

    • I certainly hope for your sake that you do not rely on writing as your main income, I have read more interesting dribble from 3rd graders.
      You are awfully proud of Virginia, why dont you carry your narrow pole smoking ass back to that shithole? Bruce Horsby ( 2 hit blunder) Patsy Cline (if she would not have been killed in a car wreck) NOONE would even know her name, Dave Mathews, this talentless hack is from South Africa, and is not even relevant in ANY conversation about good music! You yourself are a talentless hack, your incoherent dribble reminds me of the wall in a truckstop shithouse. Fuck You Pussy.

    • Just one question Jmtx, Between you and Bowser, which one of you is the pitcher and which one is the catcher?

  73. Haha, I don’t even know what to say. Tom you are an idiot. Love how all the dumbass Texas rednecks here have nothing better to say but to resort to violence. Also, you’re the one who started the shit talking, so obviously you have nothing better to do either. To answer your question about VA and what it’s contributed to music, how about Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews, and Patsy Cline, to name a few. LOL!! TTYL!! BRB!! LMAO!! fuckin dork.

  74. I wrote this article. Stoney Larue did do Into the Mystic, he sucked, and it pissed me off. Virginia is arguably the greatest state in American history, certainly having more impact on the country than this bullshit hick state.

    Greatest state in American History? It is obvious that you suffer from state envy, Virginia is a shit hole and you know it, why the fuck else would you be here? I live just down the road from your dumb ass, we should get together and drink some beer, I could enlighten your dumb ass one way or another!

  75. Damn Tom Coleman. Don’t you have a girlfriend, or a dog, or a hobby or something? Why don’t you give it a rest so I stop getting messages on my phone every time you think you’ve thought of something clever.

  76. Running about par for entering into a discussion with an emotional cripple, on a blog being run by an intellectual dwarf.

    • Daniel
      arent you the gentlemen I have spotted on many occasions down on 6th street hustlin blowjobs in order to maintain your meth habit?
      Word has it that you are so gay that someone can stick a tootsie pop up your ass, and you can tell them what flavor it is.
      Emotional Cripple??? Fuck you loser

  77. I’m from Texas and I will agree with the original post. Texas country has become a fad. It use to be about not having to don cowboy attire and singing from your heart..now its about who can be Nashville without the talent. If the OP doesn’t like Texas country cool. He has that right. As a true Texas I welcome you with open arms! AS FOR THE IGNORANT PIECE OF EXCREMENT THAT GLORIFIED THE EVENTS FROM JASPER…YOU SORRY FOOL!

  78. This page looks like everyone needs somethin to do… Who cares if he doesnt like tx music? I dont like most of the tx beers… Perhaps i shpuld start a page so everyone can bitch about it…

    What happened to southern hospitality kids? As a texan yall Shoulda been raised better than to act like that.

  79. And the ignorant rednecks and hillbillies are rather embarrassing, please dont judge all of tx by their retardation…

    And as the boys that refer to ‘the fine sport of ‘drag racing”, if i had it my way texas law would be an eye for an eye, which means you woulda got to play for both teams. Retarded ass rednecks, your makin all of us look ignorant.

  80. I have been writing Country music for sometime now and am about to release my debut record. I love country music. I also just love music period. I tend to gravitate towards great lyrics and melodies because when these two come together you have a great song. Now like all genres country music regularly fails to achieve this. I was born and raised in Texas and have played around the state. There are few Texas country songs that I think are pretty great. But for the most part its just absolutely terrible. It sounds like they were written with a crayon and is recorded by complete amateurs. I mean one song that hit the top five of the Texas Country charts, that will remain nameless, proudly boast the horrendous sound of an out of tune guitar. (Dont get me wrong there are a lot of great producers and engineers around here!!)While a raw and barebones recording (if that’s what your looking for) is understandable, tune your effen guitar for the love of Pete! So I am not going to go out of my way to call myself Texas Country but a lot of people will at first atleast. But my music is for people everywhere so whatever. I hope my music reaches as many people as possible cuz I have never written a song about Texas. There are plenty out there already trust me. But at the end of the day I don’t blame the consumers who like this stuff. I blame the promoters and stations who continue to push such talent or lack there of. And slowly but surely everyone is starting to wise up to how bad it’s getting.

  81. You should tell everyone what your band name is or who you are listed under (myspace page, whatever) so that people can have a listen…

  82. Love it or leave it darling,it’s a Texas thang you wouldn’t understand. The tubing thing is about relaxing with good friends,try getting some you would understand. The music is about our everyday lives,that’s why we get and you don’t. Don’t hate so much….

  83. Wow, you sound like a person who totally doesn’t understand Texas at all.
    Maybe that’s because you aren’t from the state and you moved directly into Austin. Not that I’m saying Austin is a bad place, I love it! But it is not like the rest of Texas at all. Texas music is for Texans… obviously you don’t get that. You seem very close minded…

  84. texas music is played and panties get wet. end of story.

  85. Ok first off in texas we do things the way we want because we like it that way. Texas country is nothing like nashville pop bullshit and we re proud of that. Theres 49 other states where texas country doesnt exist or should i say 48 bcuz oklahoma has it. So take your virginia faggot ass aomewhere else. I hate people who complain about somewhere they move to. If u dont like it leave and go live in a neutral grey no culture state…and btw van morrison sucked dick so i dont know why u complain.

    • Yep that’s why that red dirt shit sucks! Texas is trying to do there own thing and it really sounds like a crappy garage band!! I live in Texas but they need to leave country music in Nashville. It’s sad that you country folk have to accept this kind of mediocre talent nowadays!

  86. What a dumbass comment blown into a full article! Texas Country is a valid form of music like Oklahoma Red Dirt and California’s country rock. Its called Texas Country because we want to distinguish ourselves from that fluff, throwaway shit coming out of Nashville. Yes there’s a rock influence, as well as spanish and other music. Country doesn’t have to sound like George Stait or Jones to be good or viablr. People are tired of crap which explains Texas Country’s popularity!

  87. I completely agree 100% on that every bit, i live n tx & hate it my gf listens to th shit all th time & gets mad when i turn on hank sr. Tx makes me sick & so does th music, im ready to move back to louisiana ppl here are stupid & think there better than everybody else, im embarrassed to tell ppl i live here i always tell em i live in Louisiana still. Damn shame really u know.

  88. Just thought I’d say if it bothers you sooo much go the fk back to vargina bitch!!! You should kill yourself plzzz smh you actually wasted your time to write that whole thing??? Lmao you must have no life loser

    • Fuck red dirt!!

      The man speaks the truth about that shit music no talent bullshit!! I agree 100%! It’s all you shit kicking goat ropers have to call music today and it’s a sad fuckin day I will say!! So maybe fuck yourself and go die….oh yea…LMAO!

  89. If you dont like Red Dirt, SCREW YOU!

    Fuck off.. Red Dirt is the ONLY country music.. If you don’t like it, move the fuck out and go back to Yankee land Virginia.. I lived there for 6 years, IT FUCKING BLOWS and its full of New Yorkers… FUCK VIRGINIA.. Red Dirt has more talent in its pinky then any Nashville fag listening pussy hiding in Austin…

    • Hey I don’t like that Coldplay looking bunch of grunge rockers ( oh I mean red dirt country) What a fucking joke and a fad!!!! Oh yea don’t screw me suck me…..that way we’ll both feel better!!!! Lol!

  90. I don’t understand why you would hate on a such a good genre of music, Texas Country music is by FAR the best country there is. I also don’t understand why anyone would want to give pop feel to country music, honestly that’s completely retarded. Texas Country is a hard up and badass country music. Unlike the pussy shit you like. Another thing is, over half of the pop country queer artists don’t even write their songs. Don’t say the Texas Country artist don’t, because they do.

  91. First of all Austin isn’t really Texas. It’s more like California Light. So if people aren’t dancing to Texas Country that’s why. Secondly, Texas Country is raw and emotional. Much like older country music. We love it because it is real and about things we can relate to. If you don’t understand it then don’t listen to it, but stop judging people who love it! I would take Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Robert Earl Keen, Eli Young Band or Stoney Larue over any of the crap that Nashville puts out ANY DAY.

  92. Pecans Are Overrated

    I’m here because I did a google search on “can’t stand Texas country” and this showed up. I’ve been in Texas for 30 years, Austin for the past 17 years. I just watched Austin City Limits on PBS with Robert Earl Keen and some guy Hayes Carll and I was thinking – if I was in that audience, I would be counting down the songs til the end unless I fell asleep first. Kill me now.

    When I go perform at open mics in Austin, and that singer/songwriter Texas crap comes up there, you have to clap all impressed and supportive like you’ve just witnessed some endangered African tribe performing their tiger festival dance for tips. It’s like it can NEVER suck, even when every scientist in the world would concur that it completely violates the First Law of Goodness. It’s like when people offer to buy me a pecan praline at the register after a restaurant meal and I’m like “ummm, NO, why?! Why would I eat that garbage when I can walk to the convenience store next door and buy a candy bar??”. Read the local album reviews, and Texas Country releases will ALWAYS get at least three stars, because if you criticize any of it as trite, boring, hack-filled, bland, colorless, unoriginal, repetitive or all the other accurate ways to describe it, you’re a racist. It’s rednecks calling you a racist for not appreciating the junk coming from the Texas race. And if you insult a pecan, you’re a racist too. Remember the Alamo, or at least don’t forget it.

  93. Glad to hear some people don’t like TX country music, its all to repetative. Lived in Texas my entire life love this state, but it seems this TX country has taken over the state. Ain’t never heard of TX music being referred to as garage band crap but that explains it well. I’ll admit I enjoy Stoney Larue a bit but growing up close to the louisiana border we grew up with Hank Williams Sr., The Possum or Conway Twitty & etc. Texans just think they are making a point to Nashville with this TX country. Nashville & TX country music seem overated. All of it is about money anyways, Texas artists will still jump up at the chance to open for Kenny Chesney or that other crap music from Nashville. Seriously country music has been over run by rich college boys from TX or by that pop country from Nashville. What happend to musicians like Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Wille Nelson, or Bill Monroe.

  94. Texas Country music is way better than the country music they call country now a days so why don’t you go ahead and get outta of Texas. You don’t belong here and we don’t want you here.

  95. ThurgoodJenkins

    This guy’s an idiot. It’s called Texas Country because that is a specific style of country. There’s a significant difference between Texas Country and Nashville Country. Another way to look at it would be to compare Classic Rock and Punk Rock: both of the Rock genre, but very different sounds. Listen to what you will, but just because you are not familiar with the variations doesn’t give you the right to attack Texas Country, and more importantly Texas, Texans, or our way of living. There are countless things that go on in this state and country that I don’t particularly agree with (music being at the bottom of that list), but the difference is I don’t bitch about the small, insignificant stuff. You continue listening to what you enjoy, and I’ll do the same. In all honesty, I’d be willing to bet our playlists have a lot in common, but I’m not going to attack others for listening to what makes them happy. Anyway, at the end of the day, it’s just music.

  96. I’m with the last response. The other thing I would add is how narrow minded someone must be to stereotype and lump all Texas Country songs and artists together. Just because you have ears does not mean you can hear and everyone has an opininon.

  97. Fuck you. Peice of shit there’s a difference between all that Nashville bullshit you like the Nashville stars sit there and sing about ohh lord my farm oh my girlfriend is great wag ima Whitney bitch I am a redneck farm life all that shit if you listen to texas country it has a meaning it tells a story. Listen to the song ill sing about mine by Brian keane and you will understand get your shit together we don’t criticize and ridicule you for the shit y’all do and like so sit with all do respect go fuck yourself and get the fuck out of texas if you don’t like it

  98. Junkedrugermatt

    I’m gonna make a point. and say you came there…don’t sit there and bitch about it like a winey little baby. Guess where I am Virginia…it’s sad that I’d rather be in California…I’m from Austin, TX.

    The Austin scene, get use to it…it’s not changing…

  99. “Texas country” music describes and idealizes a way of living most texans love. If you have not grown up here and experienced it, it is understandable you do not relate. “Texas country” does not always necessarily mean the music is only from texas, but that the idea is the same. Great “texas country” is also appreciated from Oklahoma and new to me, Alabama. “Texas country” is an idea, a way of living, that is not regulated by popularity scores or synthesized scores, but rather raw, fun-loving, who-gives-a-damn, I-am-who-I-am( in texas) type of living. I can see how this would not go over well with everone, many people seem to live by the opinions of others, and let’s face it–texas country or “red dirt,” is just a little too raw for most. For others however, there is nothing better than Gruene Hall with Stoney, River Road with Kevin, Bluelight with Josh, memories of the Riverstage with Robert Earl, Pat Green in Acuña, or simply a damn good concert in any number of chili cook-offs throughout the state. Just an FYI, no texas country fan is attempting to push their music onto someone who is simply incapable of our ideas–we leave the pushing to the liberals. We simply want to enjoy good music and be who we are.

  100. Massive douche. Go backto your liberal shit hole that u fucked up and had to move away from. We support your liberal mooching asses so u can run your trash mouth. Longview tx come visit bro. 😉

  101. We will be happy to have you leave Xoloitzcuintleand go back to Virginia any time. But I must tell you that I don’t like the Austin sound as it is not real country but a liberal version and that is what fucks it up.

  102. I agree, I lived in San Antonio in the 80’s and it was a great place, open great heavy metal at that time. I moved to Chicago and then 20 years moved back wes,t out west in Texas all I can say is I have never seen so many inbreed retards in my life. I say lets nuke it from orbits its the only way to be sure.

    • We’re the “inbred retards?” Read your post you moron. Metal? Really? Please tell me why that shit is so high-brow? “Nuke it from the orbits?” The only way to be sure of what? Texas music is Texas Culture you moron. It comes from a conglomeration of multiple musical influences. In the 80’s Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, etc. were just taking the scene national? Was it a problem then? And there’s a difference between Redneck, Hill Billy, and Country you idiot. If you’re so cultured after your stint in Chicago, why don’t you sound like it? Not to mention what kind of person listens to Metal, that went out of “style” for good reason, no? It’s only sad, mullet wearing, in-bred, hillbilly’s that listen to that garbage. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t look like they came straight out of West Virginia that liked Metal. I’m from Minneapolis and went to college in New York, just up the Hudson from the City, and I can tell you this with certainty, Texas Country Shows have the most beautiful people at those concerts I’ve ever seen in one place. Go wash your hair and go back to Chicago where you can feel special, why would you move back to Texas? Oh yeah, all these Rednecks are giving you a job right? Fucking idiot.

  103. Just as a side note:

    Texas country began as “Outlaw Country”.

    Which included Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, etc.

    Texas Country has been around a long time and it’s not going anywhere. Especially when Texas natives relate to it so well.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of pride in what state you live in. Other states should follow this example. Then maybe more people would stay where they are.

    Don’t move to Texas then complain that it isn’t Virgina.

    Same goes for music. That’s the point of music. It’s a sound that appeals to people in different ways. Some will like it, some won’t.

    The main subject of the original post here should’ve been, “This Should Give Me the Attention I Can’t Get Anywhere Else – PLEASE READ”

  104. Please return to Virginia.

  105. GTFO out of texas. Thats all thats left to be said. Willie nelson started it, so blame him if you got a problem with it. Fucking yankee.

  106. This is a sad article… It’s funny that you embody all the hipster, “look at me I’m different,” garbage you claim to be against. The reason people love Texas Country is because it’s different. It’s the fusion of all types of music that come together to create a unique genre. I’m guessing you don’t know your Texas history so let me explain. The Czechs and Germans that came to the Hill Country just before the turn of the century brought with it much of the Tejano sound you hear in Texas Country, the settlers from the American South bring the fiddle which came from the Celts in your Virginia, the blues/southern rock ‘n roll from the Mississippi Delta. This is why Texas Music has it’s own label. Though your short sighted, ignorant, prima-facia comments wouldn’t dare dig a little deeper than your hipster arrogance will let it, now will it? Wait! Don’t get all heated and reply just yet.

    So you’re gonna claim you don’t hear that from the little you know of the genre. Do us all a favor here and before you reply listen to one of the KINGS of Texas Music ROBERT EARL KEEN and you’ll have a better understanding, if you don’t like that then your are being short-sighted and I can’t help you and your readers should feel insulted. The sheer poetic nature of Keen’s writing would make even an arrogant hipster like you think, “wait? where’s he going with this?” From there, listen to one of the newer guys in the scene like WILLIAM CLARK GREEN and I would implore you to write a retraction. These are not the exceptions, but the rule. The songs you cited are but exceptions. I believe the Wade Bowen you displayed also has a song “Mood Ring.” This song is brilliant, NOTHING you would hear on Nashville radio, though it may not be what you like, it’s well written and the composure of the music is great. Moreover, Wade’s music has is a massive library of VERY DIFFERENT stuff, though yes, he did write “God Bless This Town” early in his career, people like it. So sue ’em? That’s another thing that separates Texas Music from most, we the fans, are with them throughout their careers, and just as you grew into the ignorant person you did, these artists will grow into who they become. Wade is from a town outside of Waco, and in a genre like country, where you’re from is very important to that narrative. A lot of people, I”m sure not you, think rap is an art form, and most all of those rappers you would say are true artists have “raps” all about where they come from, just because small town life is a punch line to you people doesn’t mean it is for others. And again, I challenge you to find ONE OTHER SONG BY WADE BOWEN LIKE THAT??? You can’t cherry pick songs to highlight your point and leave out the majority?

    See Texas Country isn’t a particular sound, as I mentioned it’s a combination and permutation of MULTIPLE cultures of influence, those cultures that all came into contact and intermixed right here in Texas. Your label of “Close minded rednecks” proves your cultural ignorance though… The fact you cite Austin, the Capital of White people culture, as the bastion of free thinking is an a testament. Go the Rio Grande Valley and see how for some reason, Texas Country shows have people from all races coming together having a good time and listening to great music at these truly cultural iconic dance halls from all over the state. It’s places like the Valley that you can get real culture, not made up white people culture.

    There are bands that do play music that caters to the audience, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m guessing you haven’t spend much time listening to 92.3 out of New Braunfels. The Randy Rogers Band is a BRILLIANT example of excellent song writing without trying to be an arrogant prick, make it relatable, it’s simple. Heartbreak and loss is a staple of country music, just like the Blues, and it can only really be found in Texas Country. The fiddle, again, you won’t find that in Nashville anymore, no? Whiskey Myers, again, a VERY DIFFERENT interpretation of Texas Country, from East Texas, where you can distinctly hear the influence of southern rock. Include this with Steve Earl and you wouldn’t know what the hell you where listening to, but in Texas we call it Texas Country, we know it when we hear it, but maybe that’s because we understand it, whereas you obviously don’t.

    I could go on and on with bands that perform at a level not seen in any other genre of music today, but it seems to be lost on you. Stoney LaRue has some AMAZING WORK! “Look at Me Fly” is like NOTHING I’ve ever hear out of Country Radio, certainly NOT like anything from you’re neck of the woods in Appalachia? Again, go ahead and give William Clark Green’s “Dead or in Jail” a listen, and if you have the guts to make a follow up post I’d be excited to read it. But don’t stop at just that one, listen to the entire album. That’s what makes Texas Country so great as well, the fact that these artists aren’t out for the iTunes single, it’s refreshing. Even women like Kelly Willis, Kacy Musgraves, and Miranda Lambert all bear the Texas Country sound; however, notice how different they all are? That is why we can call it Texas Country and Connecticut doesn’t have their own brand. When they have their own musicians, their own venues, their own fans, they can; but Texas is the ONLY state in the U.S. where a musician can tour 285 days a year and sell out their shows. Make a nice living. That’s got to count for something, right? Why don’t write on that? Cause that’s got to earn the respect of anyone who knows anything about the music industry. Charlie Robison is a great artist, someone from Central Texas that’s lived what he sings about, what more can you ask for? Take a listen to RECKLESS KELLY and when you hear their music you’ll see how ignorant you are to the mindset of us “Close Minded, Rednecks” from outside the Hipster Mecca that is Austin. The place that people like you are flocking to in order to be a part of place just as cynical and close minded as you. IT’s funny the hyperbola that conjures up when I think about statements regarding Texas and Texas Music.

    For anyone else that may be reading this article, here’s a list of musicians off the top of my head that if you like country music, you’ll love, and even if you don’t like country music, you won’t be able to deny Texas Country as an art form all to it’s own, one that even the most cynical hipster would find appealing given certain bands. “Bands?” Haha, yeah, the only place that still has them…

    Robert Earl Keen
    Randy Rogers Band
    Reckless Kelly
    Cross Canadian Ragweed (Broke Up)
    The Departed
    William Clark Green
    Steve Earl (Now lives in New York)
    Stoney LaRue (DO LISTEN! This guys a moron; for it weren’t for the fact Stoney was a Red Dirt artist he’d be all over it…)
    Band of Heathens (Hipsters love ’em, so that’s got to count for something for this guy, right?)
    Charlie Robison
    Rob Baird
    Mike Ethan Messic
    JASON EADY, tell me that’s what you referred to when you claimed you “used to tolerate country???”
    Etc, etc, etc… The list could go on and on and on… Again, just another example of why we give Texas Country it’s own genre. Because when a Nashville Radio Station won’t play the music, yet iTunes has it’s own sub-genre for it, it’s it’s own genre. Give it a rest.

  107. I agree and add a memo to all Texas pussies (that’s all y’all btw):
    Go drink a “codebeer” and milk your wives you line dancing cowhick imbeciles, but dont forget your prototypical hipster cowboy costume u village people looking douche bags. Those skin-tight wranglers y’all love to wear must be cutting off the blood flow to your texas size brains, right? you pansy ass, emasculated TX meth heads.

  108. So, some fag hippster transplant living in Austin caused three years of uproar? The only funny thing about this whole thing is the blabbering retard that pops in to drool about “codebeer”. Everyone needs a pet gimp like that nutsack.

  109. Well, at least you got this going on for you in life.

    • What is code beer?

      • Haha! Have to wonder after such a long time since you original post, has your opinions about Texas, Austin, and Texas red dirt music changed at all?

        As a Older Native Texan living in the centex area, I have to say true Texas music can only be truly enjoyed in person in a dancehall somewhere outside Austin, except maybe a few dives on burnet road. It is not always young white guys talking about small towns, but surely can be. If you are in centex still hope you are enjoying the cold front as much as I am.

      • Ask your pet gimp. He’s been babbling about it for a couple years now.

  110. WOW talk about close minded. oh well as many have said on this blog we are all very proud to be TEXAN and we don’t really give a shit if you like it or not. My thing is if you are such a close minded ignorant yankee you really dont need to talk about us and the way we live or do things. YOU HAVE SEX WITH YOU SISTERS AND FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Texas wins!

  111. Texas country music is pretty much the only country music left since Nashville execs have for some reason turned mainstream country into rap and pop, or CUNTry as I like to call it. You seem to have it all twisted around because the only Texas country that really sucks is coming from the sell-outs trying to make it in Nashville by conforming to the same ole bullshit you see on cmt’s top ten every weekend. If you don’t like guys like Stoney Larue, Randy Rogers, and Hayes Carll, then you’re just an idiot. By the way most greats and most of THE best country music singers and songwriters have come out of Texas from Ray Price to Eddy Arnold, George Jones to Willie Nelson, Bob Willis to Waylon Jennings, Kenny Rogers to Gene Watson, George Strait to Clay Walker. Oh and let’s not forget the greatest songwriter period, Townes Van Zandt. You probably don’t know about this stuff though since your from Virginia. I don’t know much about Virginia either so of course I’m not going to criticize it like you are criticizing my state. But I don’t believe your post, you’re probably just an attention whore making all kinds of shit up.

  112. BeforethegraceofGodtheregoI

    Fellow Texans, If you want to get angry at this guy don’t do it because he doesn’t know shit from shine-ola about music, or that he generalizes an entire genre of music by the appearance of a few whippersnappers who have jumped on that particular band wagon. If you want to get angry at this guy, get angry because he probably roots for the Redskins while eating roasted pork slathered in tomato sauce that he calls barbeque. Or don’t get angry at him at all… pity the poor fool who had the misfortune to not be born in our fine state.

  113. Scott Buckelew

    Sounds like the green eyed monster sits on your shoulder Bra! ( jealousy). I can only speak for myself and countless others in and around this state. Here is an idea for you, go get your chicken shit little skinned chicken, put it on your high crowned new straw hat, that is pulled down in the front and back. Be sure and look in the mirror before you leave your stoop, so you will know if your comin or goin. Now get all of your Faggot new rump ranger friends and take a little trip to the river you spoke of or Gruene Hall. Twards the end of the night or day, matters not. CRAWL UP on top of your faggot Prius, and shout F Texas music and F Texas. I would be very suprised if you werent either crawfishing or squealing like the little punk as counterfit bitch that if left up to us, would have never let you enter this beautiful state. So Shut up, man up, better yet Get the Fuck out. YA KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN G. OR WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOUS GUYS SAYS

  114. In the slight chance your blog isn’t an utter failure by now and you’ll actually read this, you keep saying the point of this article is that texas country ruined country for you, and you say we don’t have the right to call it Texas country right after you say all the bands are from Texas and they tour mainly Texas.. Hmm maybe that’s why it’s called Texas country?? It’s just like saying Nashville country or pop country. Different subgenres inside of one genre. Here’s what I actually got from reading your article: ” I hate all of Texas except for Austin and I’m going to express that by making it seem like I’m talking about Texas country music.” Oh and as far as people thinking it’s the best music available, that’s simply a matter of opinion. Why can’t somebody say it is the best to them and not be wrong?


  116. Leave it to yet another miserable liberal to start off by labeling an entire state as “close-minded”, then go on to write an entire article about how much you hate their music, their attitudes, their hobbies, their clothes, and basically the entire culture. Takes a real jackass to be that big of a hypocrite.
    How beautifully ironic it is to move to a place because you love it, and then hate the local sense of pride? – “Hi, I’m moving to Texas because it’s awesome there… but it’s ridiculous how the people from there are so proud of it…”
    Do you see how stupid you look??
    Next, you should move to Switzerland, then write an article about how much you hate THEIR music, clothes, and hobbies. Post pictures of the locals wearing knee-high socks and little green hats and mock them. Tell us about how their use of the accordion has ruined folk music for you. Make sure to tell us how much it pisses you off when they celebrate their culture, and that it’s ridiculous for them to fly the Swiss flag or be proud of their country.

    Did I take your post personally? Damn straight I did. Why, you ask? -You said it yourself: Because Texans are proud of Texas. I don’t care if you dislike “Texas Country”… I don’t like it either. My problem is your assault on Texas culture. You don’t like it? Then get the fuck out! We don’t want you here!! Why did you leave V if it’s better there? You told us what you hate about Texas, so then what do you love about V? Oh you hate that place too? Looks like the common denominator is YOU. You’re a miserable unhappy fuck. It’s not everyone and everything else around you that sucks, it’s YOU that sucks.

    Since you indulged us in the things you hate about Texas, here’s a list of things we Texans love about Texas:

    Tamales, trucks, brisket, boots, steak, pretty women, rodeos, dancehalls, shrimp, beer, tequila, rock-climbing, fishing, two-stepping, bonfires, hunting, lakes, ocean, bays, hills, plains, canyons, desert, piney woods, swamps, beaches, schnitzel, rivers, chaparral, downtown, out-of-town, city, country, farms, ranches, BBQ and Texans.
    We float our rivers, drink beer, eat good food, play music, and love our state and love living here.
    We love our beautiful hill-country, our south Texas chaparral, our east Texas pines, our west Texas plains, and our gulf coast. We have Mexicans, Germans, Czechs, natives, blacks, whites, yellows and everything else that all make up one big badass state called Texas. I guess its possible that other states don’t have the same sense of pride because they have nothing to be proud of. I don’t know.
    Go back to Virginia.

  117. Your knowledge of country music heritage is an insult! If you want to write a blog about country music, then you might want to do some research next time! Look at the milestone artists of country music from Texas; William Nelson, Bob Wills, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristopherson, Kenny Rogers, George Straight, and these are just a few of my favorites! The list goes on and on and on! Country music!?!?!? Hell It may as well have benn inveted in Texas! If you don’t like Texas country, go listen to Taylor Swift! Oh wait. Unfortunately, that bitch is from Texas too!!

  118. As a native Texan and Austinite, I’d like to respectfully request that you either shut up and be cool or go back home. Douchebags like you are ruining my city and we would appreciate it if you would either get with the program and join the party, or go away and stop pissing in the pool. We’ve spent nearly 200 years crafting a culture that you will never understand and, although you are more than welcome to partake with a good attitude, we would be just as content to see you jump in one of the many diarrhea-filled lakes somewhere in your northeastern United States home. Thank you.

  119. I live in San Francisco and though it’s a bit liberal for Me I love coming to Austin though I prefer Buda or Basdrop. I’ve made it a habit since I first visited the city the weekend after I got back from proudly serving in Iraq as a U.S Marine to always take back some Texas county with me to California. I think it’s the one thing keeping me sane living in the belly of the beast. I’m an avid online listener of KOkE FM in my opinion the 2nd greatest station on earth behind 95.9 the Ranch in Ft. Worth. These singers sing about real life, they still write most the songs they sing and don’t tend to buy in on corporate bs as much as national artist. I’ve heard singers like Pat green DD an others go national and they lose their style and go to crap then come back to their roots and regain their talent. Others like Corry Morrow jason Boland Steve Earl and wade Bowen, stay local and while they don’t have hits they have standards. I’m sad to see you lost all focus looking at a few cover songs and lost the beauty of a singer performing a song he actually wrote and believes in. That is true art and a national artist singing a song that Radney Foster or some other Texan wrote for him is nothing more than corporatism not art. Glad there are still places like Texas to produce the Marines required so that of base opinions like this can still be posted on the net for my entertainment.

  120. Butthole talking crap here sounds as if he should move back to Virginia and shut up. Texas was a country all by itself once. We have a unique sound to our country music because all of the artists don’t sellout to the big records companies. Go to the lake, go fishing, have a cold beer and get rid of some of that stress and hate that might get your butt kicked.

  121. I was doing some nostalgic reading about my hometown (where I currently reside) and came across this vapid, moronic, and utterly obtuse article. Get the f#uck out of my city, you Yankee piece of trash.
    I have lived in Virginia and it simply does not compete with with Texas. I am too tired to argue or waste my time explaining anything further to your inbred @as, but on behalf of all Texans,(esp true outlaw musicians from Texas) screw you and go back home.

  122. If you don’t like Texas you’re more than welcome to get the fuck out

  123. Spoken like a true Yankee. I seriously just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this. With all due respect you obviously know nothing of the country music culture in this nation and how it has evolved(not for the better). So pack your shit up and head on back to your “2 country music station” town. Thanks and God bless.

  124. First off, floating down river is fun a shit. It’s a way to hang out with your friends, meet new people and get out of the Texas heat. I was born in Texas and when ever I leave it I instantly miss it. You said you were from Virginia. That’s a different way of life. Don’t hate our way of life because it is different then your idea of life. I don’t hate people from other states because they have different things they do that they think are fun. Now Texas country is different then “country”. You said you would tolerate it, so I you probably didn’t listen to it religiously like I do. Nashville has ruined country in recent years and made it generic so it would appeal to more people because they are greedy. Texas country does talk about Texas a lot but that’s because we love our state. We are a whole different breed of people. I think this article is pointless because it kind of shows how close minded you are to other ways people spend there life even though you called us closed minded rednecks.

  125. The unending and omnipresent debate about Texas country and Nashville country comes down to “Do you want to please yourself, your friends and the people in your city/state or do you want to sell…and make today’s clean and tight music at the same time–like all other genres do?” The discrepancy becomes obvious when an artist imagines himself in the near future at the wheel of a Maserati and living in an 11-room mansion, and is ready to die rather than accept to sing today’s music. Those who are happy having a 9-to-5 job to pay for their CDs–only 22% of Austin’s artists can live from their music–, a simple local life and who fight tooth and nail to stick to a music that doesn’t sell anymore are doing everything right. Truly. There is nothing wrong with that.

  126. I have no idea if this blog is still maintained in any manner, but I happened to stumble upon it here in 2015. This is probably the shittiest, most jealous piece of elitist hipster crap I have ever read. Total garbage.

  127. Typical Liberal Puke! Title should be “I’m a liberal, I don’t like it, therefore outlaw it!” Hopefully you’ve already left the great State. If not, everyone of those tubers will gladly help you pack.

  128. I beg that you listen to the folkier, song-writeresque Texas Country. Billy Joe Shaver, and Hayes Carrl to name a few. And if you’re up for it, check out Highway Sisters. The appeal of Texas Country artists singing about Texas is that it does evoke pride in the state. It’s something that outsiders would find hard to understand (I was one of them, however, I did respect it.). I imagine that you’re in the Country Music wannabe capitol so buckle your seatbelt… If you want real country music, you may not find it in a city where the artists are singing about tractors and country home towns that they’ve never even seen but I assure you that real music does lives here.

  129. I’m from Texas and now live in Virginia and I can see why you don’t get it. But to your point I can see why us Texans are hated outside of Texas. We are very prideful. For example I’ve been living in Virginia for 1 year now and yet to have changed the tags on my king ranch because I couldn’t imagine not having Texas plates.

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