WOW, This Dude Is Pissed.

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I saw this sign in Manassas, VA and found it kind of interesting. The picture really doesn’t do the size of the sign justice…this thing is massive and is on a road that gets quite a bit of traffic. The guy who put up this sign is all up in arms about 287 (g), an ordinance from the Immigration and Nationality Act that was adopted by the Manassas City Council. It’s a federal statute that allows local law enforcement officials (if given the proper training) to enforce immigration laws, a job traditionally reserved for ICE. So far, 62 cities and counties across the nation have adopted 287 (g).

Whether you agree with the guy or not, he does get major free speech points for his efforts.

[287 (g) fact sheet via U.S. ICE]


7 responses to “WOW, This Dude Is Pissed.

  1. The guy is saying that 287(g) is a law directed at Native Americans. I thought the law was directed at illegal aliens. I live in PWC and I have heard of the law, but I don’t see how it pertains to Native Americans.

  2. @ Slowhand

    I was just as confused as you are. The only thing I can think of is that maybe he views immigrants from Central America as “Native Americas.” Just a guess though…

  3. The behavior of certain European American groups in our country’s past is obviously reprehensible and unforgiveable. However, 287g comes at a time when we have borders around our country, and it serves as a piece of legislation to protect them. As someone who has spent quite a bit of time in Manassas: if the shoe fits…

    A bit of my father shining through, I suppose.

  4. In the year and a half I’ve spent in PWC, not once have I seen what I thought to be a Native American.

  5. hahahaha….good name Scott.

  6. be careful with using real names here, jmuintx…

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