Obama and McCain Attack Ads Brought To You By Middle School Kids


As some of you may know, I teach middle school for a living. Obviously, the presidential election has been a major focus of our Civics class this year. In the spirit of the season, I had my students make campaign posters in support of their favorite candidate. I received these two gems that could very well serve as legitimate attack ads for either campaign, and I just had to share them with you guys. Make sure to click on the pics for zoomed in images of the posters.

Obama Campaign Poster

Obama should totally use this ad

Obama Supporters vs. McCain Supporters

Notice the license plate of the Obama supporter reads: “I love my hybrid.” The license plate of the McCain supporter (obviously driving a Hummer or some other big-ass SUV) reads: “I hate the planet.” I couldn’t make up shit this funny if I tried.

McCain Campaign Poster

Change that you can believe in?

Change we can believe in?

Please note the caption in the first panel entitled ‘High School’ that has Obama saying, “Dude, I am sooooo high now.” In the second panel, Obama is saying “I am a successful person.” The last panel is supposed to be a podium that a presidential candidate would be speaking from.

It’s stuff like this that makes me love my job to death.


14 responses to “Obama and McCain Attack Ads Brought To You By Middle School Kids

  1. Special ed?

  2. Lol. What grade is this? Just curious.

    McCain’t lol. Geeez. Where do these kids come up with this stuff? I really hope that you are one of the teachers who doesn’t push their own agenda. I hear/read about that so much it makes me want to home-school.

    I’m moving to Germany this summer and my daughter will start school there. My husband is afraid she’ll come home with art drawings of swastikas and stuff.

  3. @Abby

    This is the work of my lovely 7th graders. The kids get a lot of their ideas from political cartoons I show them, as well as whatever their parents tell them at home.

    I make a very big deal about remaining objective while I teach. I am a human being, so my biases are inherently going to bubble to the surface. However, the kids don’t know which party/candidates I endorse, and believe me, they ask pretty much daily.

    And please, for the love of God, DON’T home-school you kid. The social aspect of interacting with your peers is just as important as the academic side of things. If anything, people who home-school are doing the same thing that the teacher that espouses their political leanings. To most home-school parents that I have met, it’s all about monopolizing a child’s perspective on the world. Public school is as close of a microcosm of the real world as a child is gonna get.

  4. @ Bowz –

    I know. School is just so scary now. There was an attempted murder in my small town high school this past year (less than 1000 students, 7-12 grade). I can never imagine that happening 10 years ago. Even just 5 years ago even! That scares me the most.

  5. @PutUpYourDukes; I’ve been following this blogsite since the area code piece and I must say I’ve been dissappointed lately. The topics have become drab and the writing deplorable. Do you have a new writer (singular)? Are you really going to allow the ramblings of this lonely, opinionated, closet homosexual teacher ruin the contemporary/unconventional image you earned after the area code piece? Save PutUpYourDukes with some fresh ideas now or rot away in Hobbyland forever!

  6. @ Bloggor

    you must be a total dumb ass to not realize that I can track the IP address of everyone that posts a comment here. You comment here on a regular basis under a variety of pseudonyms. I am well aware of who you are in real life…WTF is up with your comment, dude?

  7. No you can’t. No I don’t. And you don’t know me in real life, dude.

  8. Lol. Anyone who changes their name every time they comment is a pussy.

  9. Let’s all try to help Blogger get a life. How would you like to live his pitiful existence of an imaginary persona on the web. This boy needs us!

  10. @Apu

    Thank you, come again.

  11. 1.) You are insane for teaching middle school. You know that, don’t you? Last time I worked in a middle school, I had a kid dry hump my leg. DRY HUMP!

    2.) 3rd graders are smaller than you. And they draw better than this, too! Maybe you should come join us on the dark side! 🙂

  12. @misconstrued

    the sad thing is, I didn’t even bat an eye when you said you were dry humped at a middle school. it’s an interesting age for sure, but for someone of my maturity level it’s probably a perfect fit.

    elementary school scares the shit out of me…the day I have to help a kid who has pissed his pants is the day that I find a new line of work.

  13. @ Bowzer

    I didn’t know what the hell to do! I mean, what DO you do? And, I believe this was AFTER they had asked me if I had DSL, which I later found out was “dick sucking lips” – apparently I was the last one on the planet to KNOW that.

    I used to have a 1st grader who pissed his pants when he was pissed at me. Makes sense, right? His parents got sick of changing him, so we just let him sit in it. It didn’t happen AT ALL after that. Social stigma and all that, and no Billy Madison to bail you out…life’s a bitch in first grade.

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