How to Win the Breakup


break-upThe story is always the same when you meet the most amazing girl in the world. She walked in the room, and even though just looking at how beautiful she was made you nervous, you knew you had to talk to her. Three drinks and an hour later, it slowly dawns on you that this angel with the aqua blue eyes and the incredible smile is actually digging you. And not in that “I’m wasted, and I’m clearly going to fuck you” kind of way, either. I’m talking about an immediate connection that is electric, full of hope and fear and dizziness and excitement in such a way that you know your life will never be the same. This is how meeting a future girlfriend works; she will always feel like the most amazing girl in the world. Even though it ends up being wrong every time (so far), part of being a human being is accepting the illusion.

Inevitably you start dating, and everything is just dandy. Bar attendance plummets, odds of watching “Grey’s Anatomy” increase exponentially, and your friends will grow increasingly worried about who is really in possession of your balls. You and the girl will spend outrageous amounts of time watching movies, constantly hearing about her period, going out to eat, driving her around, listening to the minute details of every one of her godforsaken days, and just generally being completely up each others asses. Every relationship has its apex, it’s only sad that we never get to recognize and appreciate it until the slope of our love curve changes to negative. Whether your relationship ends suddenly, or whether it dies a slow and painful death, the end result is the same: BREAKUP.

Now you could try to be a mature person about the breakup, but we all know how completely unrealistic that is. Look at it this way: was the Soviet Union still cool with the Nazis after Hitler broke their peace treaty and attacked the Russians? Hell no, the breaking of a treaty (or a long-term relationship) clearly means war. After the breakup has commenced, any remaining loyalties should be considered useless. If love is a battlefield, then the breakup is the decisive battle, motherfucker (Samuel Jackson voice). Here’s how to win it:

  • Initiate the Breakup: This will be the first skirmish of the long breakup war. Obviously, if things are going poorly in the relationship and there’s no salvaging it, you need to be the one to initiate the breakup. This immediately puts you in a very advantageous position when trying to win this bitter contest. If you were the one to get dumped, don’t worry, victory is not lost, you will just have to run tight breakup game to recover your position. When getting dumped, act disappointed, but not wounded. Make her feel sorry without being pathetic in any way. When you see her getting emotional and she starts crying, suddenly start emphasizing how excited you are about “starting a new chapter in your life with so many opportunities”. Executing the “this is actually a good thing” ambush once the inevitable tears flow just might salvage you some breakup points.
  • Cut Off All Direct Contact: This is such a key facet of winning the breakup. Any direct communication with the ex will weaken you in her eyes. If you are going to talk to her, wait until she calls/texts you, and ignore at least one of them before responding. There is nothing more powerful than insisting that she can have no part of you whatsoever. You will have to take the necessary precautions of deleting her number out of your phone and removing (not blocking) her from your buddy list. One or two drunk texts is all it takes to be declared the loser of a breakup. Don’t worry about losing her number forever…if you completely ignore her, she WILL call you.
  • Use Facebook as a Weapon: The use of facebook to supplement your game is one of the social networking site’s well known benefits. The site is even more effective, however, in gaining precious breakup points. First, change your settings so that even when you sneeze it will be shown in the news feed. Your goal over the next month or so is to tag yourself in as many photos with girls as humanly possible. Make sure to comment on the photos in ambiguously sexual ways too for bonus points. Example: “Wow, after those shots things got crrrrrrazy that night :)” You will also need to start some wall dialogue with girls she doesn’t know very well. Facebook is a double edged sword, however, so be careful. It’s going to be painful seeing all of the horny ass dudes who will start hitting her up because they know she’s single now. No one said that winning the breakup would be easy.
  • Lobby for the Mutual Friends: If you have dated long enough, there will inevitably be at least a small group of mutual friends that actually tolerated you and your girlfriend’s nauseating games of grab ass or “I love you more”.  You will have to strike quickly to get these people on your side. They will pretend that they aren’t going to take sides, and that is certainly the angle that you will project onto them. But deep down, we all know that when the dust of the breakup has settled, the friends must choose. Delicately feed them propoganda about how she used to talk shit about them. Since being someone’s friend essentially means you just talk less shit about them, you should be able to pull some ripe quote your ex made in the past. When she loses friends because she broke up with you, that is a major point boost to your breakup score.
  • Bang a New Girl(s): Nothing will score you more breakup points than this tactic, albeit if the timing and execution is perfect. First, we aren’t talking about getting a new girlfriend. Doing so off of a fresh breakup really only exudes desperation, and will make her feel more vindicated about her new found life without you. But if you casually date one or more girls, and are able to rub it in her face when you run into her at the bar (with class, of course), your odds of winning the breakup will soar. It’s interesting how quickly you can get over somebody you loved so much when someone new comes along. But Jesus Christ you better be the first one to do this, because if she beats you to this punch, it’s going to be a tough blow.
  • Secure Any Possessions That Were Once Deemed “Shared”: To be honest with you, I just threw this one in here because I’m bitter about losing Guitar Hero III (we’re talking guitar and game) in a breakup. God, I lost so many breakup points over that shit.

Winning the breakup is not about being a total dick to your ex. To truly win a breakup, yes, you need to score points in a manipulative fashion, but you also have to do it with the appearance of class. Greeting your ex with a smile on your face when you run into them, even when it hurts more than anything, is essential to winning the breakup. I know a lot of you are probably wondering: how do you know when you finally win the breakup? The goal is to look like you are having the time of your life without her, while hiding that you’re being an asshole about it. Once you do that, and once you really believe it, and you accomplish all of this before she does, then you have won the breakup.



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  2. Someone in Pittsburgh

    I once had a break-up that I innitiated after the first outbreak of uncivil fighting (i dont like being hit and screamed insults at) I did it that night physically removing my keys from her, removing her from my property, throwing all her clothes in a bix box and putting it in her car (all the while has to physical keep her form re-entering the property) then calling the police when she started throwing rocks through my windows. I changed my phone number, switched my e-mail, and changed all my passwords and locks. I then followed through on prosecution for vandalism and agrivated assault. Other than in court I never spoke a single word to her nor did I send out secondary messages through people to her.

    3 years later I ran into a friend of hers and she disclosed that it was the most devastating break-up her friend had simply because I never gave her a second chance and cut her off “like a tumor”.

  3. @Pittsburgh
    Dear God! I never even thought about taking a girl to court. Did you win? We are talking SERIOUS breakup points for a guilty verdict, ladies and gentlemen.

  4. AHHAAHAH I cant stop long enough to read some of this stuff…I agree the best way to get over her is
    1) Bang one of her hot friends
    2) Erase her from your life in any and every way…Zman sends

  5. WOW… You must have really been hurt in a past relationship! I won’t hold it against you, because I can be spiteful in my own way and believe in protecting my feelings at any cost. Most men already do this (those that are pure @ssholes) and others purely because they’re following their dumb friends advice.

    In the end; you will love again and see that bad breakup as a lesson that made you a stronger individual. Either that or you’re a real MONSTER! Nonetheless, I enjoyed your post!

  6. Carlotta Chintz

    Wooowww. Jeez. And I thought girls were bitchy. Those kinds of tactics take it to a whole new level. I mean, if that’s what makes you feel better, then do you, by all means, but speaking from personal experience, when my ex overtly tried to do things like that, all it made me do was realize what an asshole he was to begin with and thank my lucky stars I wasn’t with him anymore!

    Now, post-breakup, I did not sit around on my ass or cry my eyes out (ok, I did that once). Instead, I went out and GOT MY LIFE BACK- I kept the mutual friends, met new guys, slept with a couple of his friends, got all my clothes back from his house, deleted his number- oh look! that’s everything you said! But I wasn’t trying to “win” (maybe that’s a guy thing), I was just moving on.

  7. @Carlotta

    But I wasn’t trying to “win” (maybe that’s a guy thing), I was just moving on.

    aaaaaaaand you are my new favorite commenter.

  8. Pfft, guys are always trying to “win”. Everything is a game.

    Nice post Bowz.. missed you guys. I was only ever dumped 2 times and I didn’t give a shit either time. As a matter of fact, I’m almost positive that I already had another guy waiting in the lineup. But that was when I was young and beautiful. I was also a ruthless bitch and a horrible girlfriend. Haha! 🙂 The longest relationship I ever had before I got married was 6 months, and the 2nd closest to that was 3 months. See? I never cared about anyone but myself. But I had a hell of a time!

  9. This is awesome. This totally describes my last relationship. I initiated, and broke off contact but lost the friends to him (oh well, f you old friends). He got into a relationship first (ow!) but out of desperation (ha!). Now I’m dating someone way better so I’m pretty sure I win.
    I WIN!!!

  10. Hey cVILLAINS now you know what I fucking look like thanks to stupid fucking WordPress!!!

  11. Great post…
    And shenanigans is lying. Her new guy sucks.

  12. Shhh honey, drive me home so we can watch GA. We gotta run by the store ang grab tampons first though.

  13. @shenanigans
    Sounds like a decisive break up victory for you. there’s nothing like an ex saddling up on some swamp donkey to help solidify the W.

    are you and Shenanigans sexing? your babies would be the ultimate blog whores.

  14. Whatever type of whores they want to be is fine with me. I’ll support them all the way… and they’ll always be the ultimate as far as I’m concerned.

  15. I know you did not just call our future babies “whores”. OMG.

  16. @ Bowz,

    I can’t believe you lost guitar hero III.

  17. Planning to get your ex back might be a good choice but this time may you want to be more serious and more secured than before. Just a sort of advice.

  18. Jason, dude, proofread your lame website.

  19. I’m surprised that you have more of an issue with the spelling than the content.

  20. I’m just surprised Jason’s site didn’t have one mention of “MALE ENHANCEMENT PILLS VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION MAXIMUM PLEASURE”. I mean, it just looks sooo legit…

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  22. This seems kinda rude to the girl

    some of it is right though, I dated a girl for a year, the next day she left me. I actually cried hard I had no clue whatsoever. For the reason that “It was too serious” or “I love you but im not IN love with you”. She said she liked the seriousness, and what the hell does that mean. Well I begged like hell, that’s what you cant do, it will mess you up, there’s no winning a breakup, but being friends isnt a good idea

  23. @Melosho
    What’s cool is that you are able to identify and learn from your mistake in handling your breakup. If the post comes off as rude, keep in mind I (attempt) to write stuff that makes people laugh. A lot of my writing is tongue-in-cheek. The breakup advice itself, however, is totally legit.

  24. I love this! This is for sure one of my favorites. Only point I would have to disagree with you on is the “bang a new girl” point. Yes, yes, banging a new girl will win you breakup points. However, the new girlfriend stings way worse. We know guys are dogs and will sleep around, and we don’t see a rogue ho you slept with as taking our place. But a new gf, OUCH! Just my opinion.

  25. @Betty
    Thanks for the awesome comment! I totally see where you’re coming from…but I still respectfully disagree.

    When I’ve broken up with someone, and they pounce into a new relationship right away, I immediately see it as the move of a cornered animal. If anything, it makes me think they still have feelings for me. They clearly jumped right into a new boyfriend to dull the throbbing pain of being without the Bowz. And believe me, the pain of Bowzer withdrawal is excruciating (I’m pretty sure I read this on Wikipedia somewhere).

    Casual banging allows you to claim you are over the old girlfriend, without the whole “I’m just doing this to get back at you” thing (which I know, is the whole point, but she can’t know that) . As Elie Wiesel once said, “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.” A new relationship so soon after a breakup just screams “spite” to me.

  26. @Bowzer
    how soon after a serious breakup is dating someone new considered “I’m just doing this to get back at you”???

  27. Is this an American thing? If this is normal in US then i’m definalty glad i’m from England.

    You sound like a complete douche in this post man, a complete douche. I feel pretty bad for any poor girls who you’ve encountered in the past but i’m sure your personality displayed here shines through and you only ever hook up with skanks.

    One last time, a complete douche.

    I lied here it is again, Douche.

  28. omg! AHAHAH this is really funny.
    my boyfriend broke up with me like a month ago, and used all the classics, he even said ill still love you and i will for a long time, and all this crap AHAH.
    so i stopped talking to him! but then i deleted himoff fb :/.
    some of his friends have stopped talking to him cause theyve realised hes a complete douche because he hooked up with a girl the next day! they were friends with benefits for a while, but they stopped recently. thing is i have a guy flirting with me, and one of hs friends asked me out now im curious. whos winning? AHAHAHAH

    • I know I’m coming in sort of late here(2015) but i have to say that the race isn’t over yet. You’re winning now but tables do turn and life isn’t so short when it comes to paying your dues. every dog has his day. Just saying.

  29. disallusioned with the whole damn thing

    i dated a girl for two years . . . she was from europe . . . we had a long distance relationship for two years and visited eachother every few months . . . after i couldn´t take it anymore i moved across the ocean to give us a shot . . . we spent three months together in her place and found that it was not at all easy to live with each other, although we still loved each other very much. when we got along it was amazing, but when we fought it was hell. the sex was incredible throughout . . . after three months we broke up i left her country and traveled to another in europe. i started living and working and after a few weeks we got back together . . . things were going good with us then . . . we still had an occasional disagreement on the phone, but we always made up. she visited me and we fell in love all over again. i decided to go back to her country, and give it another try. i found a job and an apartment not too far away from where she lived. i was planning on moving there in one week . . . the plan was to work and live seperate lives, but see each other and be with each other as often as possible . . . last week we got into a fight on the phone and she said she wanted to end it forever . . .
    i implored her to give it a last try because we were so close to having a normal situation after two years of craziness and seperation . . .

    . . . i can be unreasonable when im tired or hungry or generally off balance. i tend to obsess about stupid shit sometimes . . . i am completely impractical and usually poor . . . but . . . i´m great too . . .strong willed, and kind, and romantic, and talented, and i apologize when im wrong . . . i´m not petty, i never give up, and i know how to treat a woman. i have a will to improve and be a better man.

    i can be insulting while fighting because that´s how i was raised. my family are the toughest people on the planet and they gave me hell when i was a kid so it´s taking me years to work it out of my system, but i am working on myself which is important.
    but how do i win tis breakup? none of the stuff above applies to me.

    i don´t want to sleep with anybody else because i found everything i wanted in her. she is too fucking cool to use facebook. we have no joint friends due to the long distance . . .

    she was an unusual case . . .a great girl over all, but she´s got her problems too . . . she wanted a power struggle . . . to dominate and be dominated . . . she loved my spontanaeity but it drove her crazy, because she was so practical.

    my problem remains . . . after all the fights and unkind words, i still want her. i want to forgive and be forgiven and i want to fix what we had and rebuild it even stronger.

    since she broke it off i haven´t contacted her. it was only a few days ago, but she was so cold to me on the phone that i need to assert my own dignity.

    i put my own life on the line be leaving the USA and going after this . . . she might be afraid of commitment, but this was news i could have used before i bought that plane ticket.

    my question is . . . with the details you all know about my situation . . .

    what the fuck is going on?

    we both pushed for something and when we were a few days away from it we panicked and exploded . . . this sucks. i´m turning to a fucking blog for answers that i know i will not get and that sucks too.

    we were horrible to eachother at the end, but all i can remember are the good things . . . i need to change my mind about her, or get her back.

    what do you recommend?

  30. hii bowzer..
    i’ve read all ur stuff that u’ve posted..i want you to know that i’ve dated a guy for five long years..and according to your points i’ve initiated the breakup but i’ve removed him from my facebook account(not blocked him),and ours was a long distance relationship now how would i show to him that i’m with some other guys(though i’m not with anyone right now).please help me because i really want to win this ‘breakup’.

  31. Hey if you have stuff she gave you, would you go and and give it all back to her as a breakup point or what?

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