Gay Pablo is Gay

POSTED BY: PutUpYourDukes


This was a totally random friend request I got on Facebook today. I couldn’t help but laugh at this poor guy’s name. Even though I usually never accept a friend request from a rando, I accepted this one out of sheer sympathy.  Needless to say, something tells me I won’t be “poking” Pablo anytime soon…



7 responses to “Gay Pablo is Gay

  1. I am obsessed with the pronunciation of the, uh, “last name” (yes, air quotes). Especially since facebook is a stickler (are sticklers?) for proper names. Yeah, uh hunh.

    Would it be “Pablo. Es Gay (long e?). Like He’s Gay? Or…Pablo Es Gay. Straight Spanish Translation?

    Yes. Too much time on these idle hands. Hooray, hooray, today is report card comment day.

  2. Oh god, lol, that’s funny.

  3. That’s hilarious. Most definitely a joke. But hilarious nonetheless.

  4. I’m curious about the moldy toast, actually…

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  7. i LOVE your blog, it cracks me up on a daily basis. and p.s. that’s one of my favorite seinfeld episodes, EVER.

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