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Welcome to Put Up Your Dukes (PUYD)! We are just a bunch of twenty-something JMU grads who are trying our damndest to make sense of the world in front of us. Our goal is to blog it as we see it, and hopefully we can entertain a few folks out there in the process. We want to let the readers of PUYD help us shape the content of this blog, so your feedback and even your contributions are greatly encouraged. This is not lecture hour, it’s a party, dammit, so join in! Alright, at this point I am sure you are dying to know, who are the authors of this wonderful site?

  • Bowzer – Rumor has it that he is a real dinosaur, and he will not hesitate to kidnap your princess and take her for his own. Because he somehow managed to escape the global extinction of his species millions of years ago, Bowzer is a tough dinosaur that blogs with a take-no-prisoners attitude. He is sadly clinging to the “but I’m the only one of my species” excuse for still being single, and is enjoying changing the world one class period at a time.
  • jmuintx – A true Virginian at heart that is being held captive by the Lone Star state, this author has thankfully stayed true to his “wanna be South” roots. When not listening to a steady dose of Pearl Jam and enjoying his own sense of entitlement, jmuintx can be seen spending his time auditioning for the role of Brawny man through his wild array of outdoor activities. Oh yeah, and he totally hates Home Depot.
  • GirlTalk – She is the first female author to contribute to our site, and we are pretty surprised that she puts up with all of us for the most part. GirlTalk is known for being brutally honest about the dumb ass shit that guys do, so douche bags be on alert. She can be seen out and about in Northern Virginia getting drunker than everyone else in the room and refusing repeated requests to do the laundry or cook dinner.
  • Jam Boy – A guest author on the site from our nation’s capital. He literally refuses to step foot in the state of Virginia, and quite frankly we are okay with that. He has been known to frequent the Adams Morgan area, getting sloppy drunk and trying to trick women into sleeping with him. After a laborious and expensive study, scientists have determined that he is “always successful” 33% of the time.
  • PutUpYourDukes – We all have either a boss, higher power, or an obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend to answer to at the end of the day. This author is the enlightened despot of our lovely little blog here. The writers on our staff quiver in fear at the supreme authority of our site’s head admin. We are actually pretty sure that PutUpYourDukes is really the second coming of James Madison, our nation’s beloved fourth president. This is evidenced by his incessant demands for us to blog our way through the Federalist Papers. Luckily, we’ve managed to avoid giving in to his wishes for now.

As always with our site, please let us know what you think! You can reach us with your thoughts, concerns, or legal threats at PUTUPURDUKES at GMAIL dot COM.


8 responses to “About Us

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  4. Your site is amazingly hilarious.

  5. I really like your blog. I have just entered the world of blogging and really like it. I would appreciate any tips of the trade, so to speak, because I’d like to fashion myself after those bloggers that “speak” to me. Ideas, hints and suggestions for a startup, really just since the 1st! would be greatly appreciated. Keep going, I’ll keep reading. Can I reference your blog in my blog? and what’s the most efficient/effective way to reference something. By the way I graduated college when you were in grade school so I’m older than ya’ll. I am a professional woman who has really taken to the computer and I have plans to go back to school, parttime(I’m fulltime CPA) if this helps you make any suggestions. THANKS!

  6. This is the editor of Cashbox Magazine. We would like to run your comments in cashboxmagazine.com. you are right on the money. E mail me at cashboxmagazine@gmail.com

    Bruce Elrod

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