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Who NOT to Go Home With


PLEASE dont go home with Greasy Space Invader

PLEASE don't go home with Greasy Space Invader

Admittedly, this site is both hilarious and accurate with its in-depth perceptions of the opposite sex, but I think the time has come to put one on the board for the girls. Not in a feminist “I wish I was capable of asexual reproduction” kind of way, but more of a way to give helpful insight into what girls typically deal with on a weekend night. My friends and I have had the pleasure of being approached by the good, the bad, and the ugly while out having drinks and fun. After a few shots of <insert name of fruity concoction>, it becomes necessary to discern who exactly is buying you those drinks. Are you going to wake up at 6am and be forced to cab it home in heels and an XL frat party t-shirt, or is it a match made in diet and rum heaven? Let’s hope for the latter. After being both an active participant and an amused bystander on the social scene, I have come up with four categories of guys that will give you a reason to have your local cab company on speed dial.

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Beware of the Attention Cravers

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Three of these girls are obviously attention cravers. Can you guess who they are?

Three of these girls are clearly attention cravers. Can you guess who they are?

Everybody knows the type: “Ooohh my God, OMFG, I am a girl, hear me roar about things that are cliché, typical, and over talked about. Because I am a girl and because I always talk in this curt, opinionated tone, everyone will listen to what I say, even if I don’t have a clue how to say it. I don’t have to be pleasant or thoughtful or a nice person in general, as long as I am dramatic about everything. People will think that my stubbornness and otherwise generally negative outlook on everything is cute and poignant. I will always take the point of view that is easiest to defend, and I will back it up to a fault. Maybe one day I will grow out of this, but not right now…shit, not any time soon. I’m having too much fun annoying the crap out of everyone.”

Attention cravers are a very real problem in this day and age. They will find fault in everything and complain or comment about anything, just so long as it evokes a response from someone else. Here are a few buzz kills to look out for: Continue reading

Every Girl’s AIM Profile Is Exactly The Same


The AIM profile is a dying art. In this day and age of facebook and myspace, there isn’t much of an incentive to invest all kinds of time in creating a unique AIM profile. I try to keep mine short and sweet: the link to my blog, list of sports teams I support, where I went to school, and a little shout out to where I live. I would say my AIM profile is pretty typical of most other guys my age in its lack of insight into who I really am as a person. I often find that girls’ profiles on AIM, on the other hand, seem to make a more concerted effort at individuality. The sad truth to the matter, however, is that every girl’s AIM profile is exactly the same. Be on the lookout for these indispensable elements of a woman’s AIM profile: Continue reading

WOW, This Dude Is Pissed.

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I saw this sign in Manassas, VA and found it kind of interesting. The picture really doesn’t do the size of the sign justice…this thing is massive and is on a road that gets quite a bit of traffic. The guy who put up this sign is all up in arms about 287 (g), an ordinance from the Immigration and Nationality Act that was adopted by the Manassas City Council. It’s a federal statute that allows local law enforcement officials (if given the proper training) to enforce immigration laws, a job traditionally reserved for ICE. So far, 62 cities and counties across the nation have adopted 287 (g).

Whether you agree with the guy or not, he does get major free speech points for his efforts.

[287 (g) fact sheet via U.S. ICE]