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Gay Pablo is Gay

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This was a totally random friend request I got on Facebook today. I couldn’t help but laugh at this poor guy’s name. Even though I usually never accept a friend request from a rando, I accepted this one out of sheer sympathy.  Needless to say, something tells me I won’t be “poking” Pablo anytime soon…



You, Sir, Are Going to Summer School

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I believe the proper spelling is "turkey nuggets"

This comes to me from a friend of a friend that teaches sixth grade in an inner city public school in Philadelphia. The student was instructed to write an essay on school lunch. This be hilarious.

WOW, This Dude Is Pissed.

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I saw this sign in Manassas, VA and found it kind of interesting. The picture really doesn’t do the size of the sign justice…this thing is massive and is on a road that gets quite a bit of traffic. The guy who put up this sign is all up in arms about 287 (g), an ordinance from the Immigration and Nationality Act that was adopted by the Manassas City Council. It’s a federal statute that allows local law enforcement officials (if given the proper training) to enforce immigration laws, a job traditionally reserved for ICE. So far, 62 cities and counties across the nation have adopted 287 (g).

Whether you agree with the guy or not, he does get major free speech points for his efforts.

[287 (g) fact sheet via U.S. ICE]

Insert Witty Caption Here

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There are just too many possibilities for this picture. Any ideas, readers?


Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery

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ESPN = Jealous Thieves


Why Bowzer Is Still Single

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When I saw that Bowzer wrote a post on Why You Should Stay Single, it reminded me of something I found on the interwebs last week. Since we all know that Bowzer is a dinosaur (with a blogging problem), it appears that Mingle2 Blog may have provided a good explanation for why he has no girlfriend. Click the pic to check it out.

50,000 Hits in Our First Three Days!

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There is no way that we could have ever predicted that Put Up Your Dukes would generate over 50,000 hits within three days of putting up our first post! This is largely due to the success of Bowzer’s first post, “The Area Code Rating System.” If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do so immediately, it’s a gem. Congrats to Bowzer on being our first author to hit the front page of Reddit! We have no one to thank for our budding success but our readers, of course. We have enjoyed hearing your feedback on our stuff thus far, so please keep commenting! We have so many awesome things planned, so be sure to stay tuned as our site continues to grow.